What is BMW e60 active steering?

BMW active steering makes your BMW easier to steer at low speed and more stable at highway speeds. Active steering makes it easier to turn the wheel when parking or turning at low speed. The rack on active steering has a planetary gear between the input and the rack.

How do you remove a steering wheel cover?

How to Remove Steering Column Covers

  1. Remove the screws on either side of the steering column that hold the cover to the column.
  2. Remove the screws underneath the steering column that hold the cover to the column.
  3. Pull the bottom half of the column down to remove it.

How do I know if my BMW is active steering?

BMW’s WITHOUT active steering have significantly heavier steering feel than your typical economy car. Active steering lightens the steering at low speeds while still maintaining the traditional BMW heavy steering at high speeds. So if your car steers like a Honda at low speed, you have active steering.

How do I know if my BMW steering is active?

if its ~2, you have active steering. It takes one and a half turns from lock to lock when the car is stationary. look at the power steering resevoir cap.

What size is BMW 5 Series steering?

BMW 5 Series Steering Wheel Size Overview From 1985 to 1988 the BMW 5 Series has a 15″ X 3 1/2″ steering wheel size.

How do you remove the steering wheel from a BMW?

Disconnect the airbag and steering button wires. Remove the15mm bolt in the center of the BMW steering wheel. This will allow you to remove the steering wheel. Always counter hold the steering wheel to avoid damaging the steering column locking mechanism.

How to replace steering column switch on BMW E60?

Pull the SZL assembly forward and remove it from the steering column and access the electrical connectors. Press the release tab to disconnect the left side connector (red arrow). Then slide it forward a little more to disconnect the lower connector (green arrow).

How to remove the airbag from a BMW E60?

BMW E60 Airbag Removal & Steering Wheel Trim Removal – YouTube BMW E60 Airbag Removal & Steering Wheel Trim Removal Click Here to buy the Forte Power Steering Treatment https://amzn.to/2ycpjd1Click Here to buy the Temp G…

How do you install airbag on BMW steering wheel?

Verify torque requirement by calling your BMW dealer. Install the driver airbag. Connect the wiring harness first. Then, secure the airbag on the steering wheel. Tighten the bolt in the center of the steering wheel to OEM specifications. Typical: 40Nm. If your BMW uses bolts to hold the airbag in place, torque the bolts to 9 Nm.