Why Should My Business Use Interactive Videos?

As a business, we are always looking for ways to interact and engage with our customers because it is the best way to ensure that they buy our products. We know that we have a good product, we just need to make others aware of it. So, we shall consider here just what interactive videos have to offer our business and why interactive video marketing is now the way forward in business.


For many people, a video is considered a more enjoyable way of receiving information. It can be fun to watch and keep a potential purchaser’s attention for longer. Also, it can say many things in a short space of time. If we want someone to stay on our website, then we need to keep them interested. We do that by informing them of things they want to know but in an exciting way. In this case, to buy a product that we know suits their needs, they just need to know it. We need to reassure them of the fact.

Clickable Links

An interactive video will have clickable links that can take a viewer to other places. Users can hover, click, scroll, and drag video content to create a fun and unique experience for them. This offers all sorts of possibilities to a business using these videos on a website. For instance, not all the information on a product has to appear in the main video when it would not interest everyone wanting to purchase the product. This means that the initial video can be made more exciting and engaging and will likely have more impact than one packed with information from the start. Those who want to know more can follow a link to find something extra out. This is exciting to discover something that was previously hidden. This certainly is grabbing the customer’s attention and taking them with you on the journey. This could ultimately be a journey to the checkout to buy the product, while the video is still playing on the customer’s mind as well as on their computer or mobile device screen.


The thing about us humans is that we are sociable creatures. This is why we engage with anything that interacts with us. An interactive video will be like two humans interacting with one another. We have the same control to ask what we want by clicking on a link for more information. We need an online business, or part online business, to compensate for the fact that we are not dealing with the customer face-to-face but through a screen. It is how a lot of business is done these days, and interactive videos are the solution to keeping that face-to-face contact only via that computer screen. Online shopping is convenient and we just need to add in that element to make it a more exciting experience than it might otherwise have been.

Being Remembered

A business will want its website to be remembered. That way, potential customers will return to it time and time again looking for the next interactive video. So, it pays not just to create one video and then forget it, because each product can benefit from a new and exciting interactive video. No business should have a cobweb site, we need it to stay fresh for the customer so that they have a reason to return to it. We can use interactive videos to push certain products that are not selling well or because it is the season to promote them. It can be an alternative to discounting a product. Sometimes it just needs an extra push and it is not about price.

How do I Make an Interactive Video?

The good news is that you do not have to make the interactive video yourself. There are video content creators that can do that for you. They can work with your ideas, and also create some of their own, to show off your product to its best. They can show it in the best light, with the best presenter, and from every angle. The good thing about an interactive video demonstration is that you have the picture, the sound, on-screen text, the ability to show a product working and from every angle and can inform customers about every detail through clickable links.

In conclusion, an interactive video will show everything in a good light – a company and its products. Have you ever used an interactive video to promote your products and services? Marketing is all about embracing the latest industry trends and therefore it is expected that interactive videos could be here to stay. Whether you are looking to attract new customers or just want to show something different to your existing clientele, an interactive video could be a fantastic way to make an impact through an innovative approach.