What qualifications do I need to do an NVQ?

Although there are no special entry requirements for those starting an NVQ, some Level 3s will require learners to have completed a Level 2 before they can enrol on the qualification. This will depend on the specifics of the NVQ, the sector and the learner’s level of experience in the field.

How long does a Level 3 NVQ take?

Duration. On average, most learners will complete in 6 months. Some learners may take less depending on their personal circumstances and how much time they have to dedicate to the course.

How long is an NVQ Level 2 course?

8 weeks
Throughout the entire 8 weeks, you will be trained and assessed to achieve a C&G qualification as well as receive training which reflects ‘reality’ and also provides you with a comprehensive understanding of what you will need to do to eventually achieve the NVQ level 2.

Is Level 4 NVQ equivalent to a degree?

NVQ Level 4 equivalent – Higher Education Certificate/BTEC. NVQ Level 5 equivalent – Higher Education Diploma/Foundation Degree. NVQ Level 6 equivalent – Undergraduate Degree/Degree Apprenticeship. NVQ Level 7 equivalent – Master’s Degree/PGCE.

Can I go to uni with NVQ Level 3?

Normally no, as the NVQ isn’t an entry qualification to university. For Access to Higher Education, BTEC or A Levels are needed in most cases. Ask a few universities you’re interested in to see if they allow access with this NVQ and/or prior experience.

Is an apprenticeship an NVQ?

Most apprenticeships will normally intergrate the completion of an NVQ qualification. Intermediate apprentices will often work towards an NVQ at Level 2, advanced apprentices will work towards an NVQ at Level 3, and higher apprentices will focus their efforts on attaining an NVQ at Level 4.

Can an NVQ Level 3 get me into university?

How much does an NVQ Level 3 cost?

Duration & Cost The cost for the Electrical NVQ is £1295.00 including vat (based on 2 site visits) and this can be paid in instalments over the period of the assessments. PLUS the AM2 which is 3 days and is £700 including vat. Total cost being £1995.00 – See above for payment structure.

How much is a NVQ Level 2?

The cost to achieve NVQ level 2 will be £1495.00 based on 2 site visits. If you have completed your level 2 Plumbing qualification with Able Skills, the cost will be £1295.00.

What is a NVQ Level 7 equivalent to?

Masters degree
An NVQ Level 7 is equivalent to a Masters degree.

What is a Level 3 qualification?

A full level 3 qualification is equivalent to an advanced technical certificate or diploma, or 2 A levels. If you’re 19 to 23 years old you can also access additional qualifications for free. If you’re in this age group, contact your local college or the National Careers Service for further information.

Which is the best NVQ training centre in the UK?

The NVQ Training Centre is a national specialist in delivering Construction based NVQ training courses. We deliver on-site training and cover a broad range of industries and qualifications that build towards your CSCS & CPCS cards as well as an overall NVQ Qualification.

What kind of courses does Nottingham College offer?

We offer a variety of courses at Nottingham College, ranging from Level 1 to Degree Level and Apprenticeships. The number of jobs available in the caring profession is rising across Nottinghamshire, so our courses are a great choice if you are looking for a direct route into employment.

When did the NVQ training centre start trading?

The NVQ Training Centre has been trading since 2009 and we have delivered thousands of trade NVQ’s. We boast one of the broadest trade coverages of all training providers in the UK delivering over 150 different trade qualifications.

Is there a NVQ qualification for hair cutting?

This is a full NVQ qualification in Gents Hair cutting and styling. It provides a working knowledge in the world of Gents styling. With this qualification a new career in Gents styling could be yours.