What bottom bracket does Giant TCR use?

The frame has a press-fit BB86 bottom bracket, and Giant has specced 52/36-tooth chainrings and an 11-30-tooth cassette out back, paired with a short-cage rear derailleur. The Giant SLR-1 42mm tubeless carbon wheels are 24mm wide externally, 19mm internally and have hookless rims.

What is Giant TCR Advanced SL?

From high alpine roads to grueling classics races, this is the choice for ultralight weight, super-stiff pedaling transmission and aero efficiency. Re-engineered to climb, corner and descend with uncompromising all-rounder speed, the all-new TCR Advanced SL is the winning choice.

What does SL mean in Giant bikes?

super light
Giant also produces ‘SL’ (super light) models which use a higher grade of aluminium, plus SL disc versions which come equipped with rotor stoppers that will work in all weathers.

What does TCR stand for Giant?

Total Compact Road
TCR stands for Total Compact Road. A Giant first, the top tube slopes downward. This leads to smaller, stiffer and lighter frames than the horizontal top tube which used to be the norm on road bikes. Giant uses its OverDrive steerer through the range.

What is TCR Composite?

The Giant TCR Composite 2 Road Bike’s frame features an OverDrive steerer tube and PowerCore bottom bracket to produce maximum pedalling efficiency and razor-sharp handling. Up front a composite grade fork provides a stiff and comfortable front end.

What is the difference between SL and SLR?

The SL uses OCLV 500 composite, and the frame is quite a bit heavier than the SLR’s. The SL’s frame comes in at 1,142 grams, with a 380-gram fork (SLR fork weight: 365 grams). But material (and weight) are the only difference between the SL and SLR.

Is the TCR Aero?

The new TCR is, however, said to be significantly more aerodynamic than the previous generation bike, saving 34 seconds over a distance of 40km at 200 watts, according to Giant.

How big is the Rabobank Giant TCR Advanced SL?

In spite of Gesink’s lanky 1.87m (6′ 1″) build, his complete bike is just barely UCI-legal at 6.83kg (15.06lb). Giant also claims its more comfortable thanks to the integrated seat mast’s tuned flex pattern. Shimano and its PRO subsidiary continue on as Rabobank sponsors and Gesink’s bike is fully equipped as usual.

What kind of bottom brackets do GIANT bikes use?

Kogel Bearings offers two versions of bottom brackets for Giant bikes, a 24mm ceramic bottom bracket for Shimano, Sram GXP and Rotor 24mm spindles, along with a 30mm ceramic bottom bracket for BB30, 386EVO, Rotor and Cannondale SiSL2 crank sets.

How big is the steerer tube on the new giant SL?

The new TCR Advanced SL’s defining feature is arguably the tremendously reinforced head tube which houses a tapered and oversized 1 1/8″-to-1 1/4″ steerer tube. (Image credit: James Huang/Cyclingnews.com)

Where can I find a list of giant bike parts?

We have compiled comprehensive parts lists for many of the Giant Bike and Component Models. The list is not complete but we are constantly adding to it to ensure it becomes the most comprehensive source of Giant spare parts available.