When was the first post office mural made?

United States post office murals were produced in the United States from 1934 to 1943, through commissions from the Procurement Division of the United States Department of the Treasury.

What are the murals on the Kansas post office?

Three panels: the postman’s creed, left panel; the Iowa state motto, center panel; the state song of Iowa, right panel. A number of Kansas post offices were listed on the National Register on basis of their murals, as part of a study of “Kansas Post Offices with Artwork, 1936-1942”.

How are the assistants chosen for post office murals?

Assistants were then chosen by the artist from the rolls of the WPA Federal Art Project. Artists were asked to paint in an “American scene” style, depicting ordinary citizens in a realistic manner. Abstract and modern art styles were discouraged.

When was the post office mural in Milford NH painted?

Completed in 1941; cleaned and restored in 1981. An oil-on-canvas mural entitled “Lumberman Log-Rolling” was painted for the Milford, New Hampshire post office in 1940 by Philip Von Saltza. Mr. Von Saltza received $700 for his efforts according to the project’s contract dated April 15, 1940.

United States post office murals are notable examples of New Deal art produced during the years 1934–43. They were commissioned through a competitive process by the United States Department of the Treasury. Some 1,400 murals were created for federal post office buildings in more than 1,300 U.S. cities.

Who was the winner of the post office mural competition?

A competition for one mural to be painted in a post office in each of the forty-eight states (plus Washington, D.C.) was held in November 1939 at the Corcoran Gallery. The jury selecting the winners was composed of four artists: Maurice Sterne (Chairman), Henry Varnum Poor, Edgar Miller, and Olin Dows.

What are the words on the post office building?

Chiseled into gray granite of the James A. Farley Building, the main post office in New York City, are the words: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Where was Harold Lechman mural in Renovo PA?

Take one of Hamel’s favorite murals, Locomotive Repair Operation by Harold Lechman in the Renovo, Pennsylvania, post office—near where the photographer grew up—which shows six men working in the Pennsylvania Railroad repair shops that are now no longer there.