Can CPT code 64640 be billed bilaterally?

When this service is done at the lumbar, thoracic, or cervical level it is allowed at only one unit unless bilateral or if additional levels are done then the add on code is necessary for payment.

Do CPT codes need modifiers?

The correct modifier to use is determined by payor preference. There can be instances where a CPT code is further defined by a HCPCS modifier, for example, to describe the side of the body the procedure is performed on such as left (modifier -LT) or right (modifier -RT).

What CPT code is 64640?

CPT code 64640 is applicable to iovera° treatments applied to peripheral nerves and is used to bill for EACH of the peripheral nerve or nerve branches treated.

Does CPT code 64450 need a modifier?

Answer: CPT code 64450 (Injection, anesthetic agent; other peripheral nerve or branch) has 0 global days so you would report 64450 without a modifier since the global day is 0.

Does Medicare pay for CPT code 64450?

Medicare no longer allows billing of code 64450 (peripheral nerve block).

Does Medicare pay for code 36416 and/or code 36540?

Code 36416 is not paid by Medicare as a separate service when is used to report a capillary-specimen collection. Code 36540 is used to report specimens collected from pre-existing implantable venous access devices. The code is reportable to Medicare as an incidental procedure and, therefore, has no additional reimbursement.

Does Medicare cover 69210 CPT?

However, Medicare can pay audiologists only for medically necessary diagnostic testing, which is considered to include any incidental cerumen removal by the audiologist. Medicare cannot reimburse audiologists for CPT code 69210 or HCPCS code G0268 under any circumstances.

What is Medicare billing code?

The Medicare GP modifier refers to a Medicare billing code under the current Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. This coding system is an industry standard for billing Medicare. These codes are designed and implemented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which is the federal regulating agency that oversees Medicare.