Who wrote the script for Newsies the Musical?

Bob Tzudiker
Noni White

Is Newsies appropriate for school?

Is Newsies appropriate for kids? Definitely yes. You may have to explain to them what’s going on (it wasn’t obvious in the beginning to my son), but I don’t recall any bad words or sexual innuendo (other than very slight suggestiveness of the Medda Larkin performer character, and that was tame.

What is the message of Newsies?

One of the most important themes in Newsies is that children can and do indeed have power. To give some historical context Newsies is set in a time when child labor laws were nonexistent. Never the less the newsies “seized the day” and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with and respected.

Can a girl play Crutchie in Newsies?

Crutchie was also played by a girl. Can Les be played as a girl by a girl? Absolutely yes! Historically there were a lot of female newsies.

Is Newsies a true story?

Although Jack Kelly is a fictional character, the story of the Newsies was a real event that changed the course of history from 1884 to 1899. The inspiration for Newsies was based off of the 1899 Newsboy strike, which targeted one of the biggest newspaper name is New York, Joseph Pulitzer’s The New York World.

Are there any bad words in Newsies?

I was surprised at the amount of swearing in this, and while it’s not really bad, there are a few instances in which the word in question is shouted. Very loudly. There’s a bit of violence, that being the two fight scenes during Seize the Day, but, if needed, they can be easily skipped.

What age can watch Newsies?

Newsies is a family musical that is suitable for all audiences, including children aged 5 and older. RATING: The movie version of Newsies was rated “PG.”

Are newsies still a thing?

“Even though it was based back then and it was a true story back then, it can still be used and be applied to certain things today.” The show is based on the real life Newsboy Strike of 1899 in New York City, which resulted in publishers buying back any extra newspapers from newsies at the end of a workday.

Why are the Newsies important?

Newsies is a call to arms for the exploited and oppressed, urging grassroots action to organise, protest and agitate for change, and emphasising the importance of a fearless fourth estate to report injustice and stand as a watchdog for those without a platform.

Are there girls in Newsies?

In this production, Jo Jo, Tommy Boy, and Splasher are played by female performers. “In 1899, there were mostly young boys but there were also young girls and people of color working as newsies,” says Smith.

Who is the author of the musical Newsies?

With a funny, poignant book by Harvey Feirstein and stunning music by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman — including the show-stopping Seize the Day, power ballad “Santa Fe” and lovely new songs like Katherine’s “Watch What Happens — Newsies is a classic with the power to inspire.

What was the title of the movie Newsies?

On every street corner you saw ’em, carrying the banner, bringing you the news for a penny a pape. Poor orphans and run aways, changed. (The movie title appears. We see the outside of the Newsboys Lodging House.

When does Newsies The musical come out on Netflix?

Disney then announced the musical production would be available digitally on May 23, 2017. On August 24, 2017, Disney announced the filmed production of Newsies would be available on Netflix from September 10.

When does Disney’s Newsies come out for free?

To celebrate the general release of Disney’s Newsies on March 1, 2018 – we invite you to read the script FOR FREE and listen along to the Spotify Playlist. By next month you’ll be ready to SEIZE THE DAY!