What significant findings were discovered at the royal cemetery?

The tomb contained numerous gold artifacts including a golden helmet with an inscription of the king’s name. By observing the contents of this royal grave, it is made clear that this ancient civilization was quite wealthy.

What kind of evidence were found in royal tombs?

The finds included exquisitely crafted jewelry and musical instruments, as well as large numbers of bodies: servants and soldiers entombed alongside their dead sovereigns. Scholarly and public fascination with the ancient culture of Mesopotamia had been steadily growing since the latter part of the 19th century.

Which town was established by Mesanepada?

Answer: Ur was founded by Mesanepada. It was founded in 2670 BCE. This town was a famous part as well as a trading town.

Where is the Great Death Pit?

Archeologist Sir Leonard Woolley made a tremendous discovery in 1922-32 when he uncovered the Royal Tombs in the Mesopotamian city of Ur (today’s Southern Iraq). This fantastic find is referred to as “the Great Death Pit”.

Why were the graves at Ur called Royal?

Leonard Woolley excavated the site of the ancient Sumerian city of Ur. He made many great discoveries about the people who lived there. Among the 1800 graves he discovered, there were 16 tombs which had very special and valuable objects in them. He called them the ‘Royal tombs’.

Who was the famous king of Uruk?

Enmerkar, ancient Sumerian hero and king of Uruk (Erech), a city-state in southern Mesopotamia, who is thought to have lived at the end of the 4th or beginning of the 3rd millennium bc. Along with Lugalbanda and Gilgamesh, Enmerkar is one of the three most significant figures in the surviving Sumerian epics.

What does death pit mean?

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