How do you send an HTML email via mailto?

When a mailto link is clicked, the user’s email client opens. A new email is created which is addressed to the email in the mailto link. The most common way to link an email in HTML is by using an anchor tag that has a href attribute. The href will point to the email you would like to send the email to.

How do I add a mailto link to an email?

Insert a mailto link

  1. Highlight the text you want to link, click the link icon, and select “Email” from the drop-down.
  2. (Optional) Edit the text you want to display as the link.
  3. Enter the email address you want contacts to send to in the Email address field.
  4. Click Insert.
  5. Click Done.

Does mailto support HTML?

The Mailto format does not support HTML code emails. Outlook was used at 2003, but to become compliant with the mailto: standard they removed that functionality. But you can Use
for a line break in HTML body. See below example of it.

How do you embed an HTML email?

Import HTML emails in Outlook 365

  1. Choose the “attach” function and “add” it to the toolbar.
  2. Open the “attach a file” window from the quick access toolbar.
  3. Select the HTML file you need to import BUT do not click to INSERT yet.
  4. Switch the “insert” button with the “insert as a text” button and click.
  5. Here’s the magic!

What is the URL for an email address?

A mailto link is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme for email addresses. It is a type of HTML or URL link that activates the default mail client (Gmail, Outlook etc.) on the computer for sending an e-mail.

How do you send a mailto link?

Highlight the email address you want to activate as a link. Click + Plus > Link. Type mailto: followed by the desired email address in the URL field. Click OK.

What is mailto in HTML?

mailto is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme for email addresses. It is used to produce hyperlinks on websites that allow users to send an email to a specific address directly from an HTML document, without having to copy it and entering it into an email client.

What is mailto URL?

In its simplest form, a mailto URL contains an Internet mail address. For greater functionality, because interaction with some resources may require message headers or message bodies to be specified as well as the mail address, the mailto URL scheme is extended to allow setting mail header fields and the message body.

How do I fix mailto links?

Open Control Panel > Default Programs, Associate a file type or protocol with a program: Sort ‘Current Default’ column and find MAILTO: Click ‘Change program…’ and select Outlook: Now Outlook will open mailto links as it used to before installing Chrome browser.

What is the mailto URL?

How do you link an email in HTML?

The basic code. The basic code to create an email link in HTML looks like this: Your visible link text . The visible link text is sandwiched between two pieces of code that first open then close an anchor (link) element. The hypertext reference (href) always starts with mailto:

How do I send an email in HTML?

Click the main text box in the “Compose” window, then press Ctrl+V (Windows) or ⌘ Command+V (Mac). The HTML page’s content will appear in the email exactly as it was formatted on the HTML page. Send your email. Click the Send button in the “Compose” window to do so.

How do I customize a mailto link?

Write a phrase to appear as the link.

  • right click it and choose “Insert a simple link”
  • change it from “simple link” to “Mail To”
  • body=Message Content and paste it in the box where “mailto” appears.
  • How to insert hyperlink in HTML page?

    To make a hyperlink in an HTML page, use the and tags , which are the tags used to define the links. The tag indicates where the hyperlink starts and the tag indicates where it ends. Whatever text gets added inside these tags, will work as a hyperlink. Add the URL for the link in the .