What cut is 514 Levis?

Levis 501 Original Jeans – This is one of Levi’s most iconic styles. The 501 jeans have a regular cut through the thigh, and a straight cut below the knee….Levi’s 501 vs 514 Fit.

501 514
Sits Sits at Waist Below Waist
Fly Button Zip

What’s the difference between Levi’s 501 and 514?

The Levi’s 514™ are a modern take on the classic 501®, designed with a slimmer leg without being skinny. A low rise that sits just below the waist and a regular fit through the thigh make the 514 your perfect casual jean.

What kind of jeans are in Levi’s 514?

Classic straight-fit jeans ideal for medium to athletic builds, Levi’s 514 Straight Fit Jeans are versatile and comfortable. They sit low on the waist with a regular fit through the thigh and a straight leg. This pair has just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort.

What kind of clothes do men wear at Levi’s?

Our wide selection of men’s Levi’s® apparel goes beyond just jeans, showcasing the latest designs in products like pants, shirts, and jackets, along with accessories like belts and wallets. The best way to find the best fit for you is by checking out the number.

What do the numbers mean on Levi’s jeans?

Levi’s® uses a classic three-digit numbering system to organize fits, cuts, and styles so you know at a glance exactly how that pair will fit you. For men, the number is pretty straightforward and accounts for the overall fit – waist rise, leg opening, and seat fit.

Is there a JCPenney line of Levi’s jeans?

In addition to the many styles and cuts of guys Levi’s®, we have, JCPenney also offers a full line of big & tall Levi’s® clothing. Whether you’re completing your wardrobe or completely starting over, Levi’s® has got your number.