Do they still make BSA motorcycles?

You can now add BSA to the list of storied British brands being brought back from the dead. Birmingham Small Arms was founded in 1861 and originally made guns at its Small Heath factory. The company moved into bicycles and then motorcycles in 1910.

Are BSA motorcycles good?

Unfortunately, its pushrod-operated, overhead valve design couldn’t quite match either the speed of the Triumph engine, and particularly the twin-carb ‘Bonneville’ after 1959, nor the handling of Norton’s legendary ‘Featherbed’ frame. Even so, the BSA proved popular due to its reliability, good looks and value.

What year did BSA stop making motorcycles?

Eventually, the motorcycle segment of BSA was taken over by Norton-Villiers in 1973, which had to be supported by the intervention of the British Government. However, Norton-Villiers, which had became known as Norton-Villiers Triumph by that point in time, was liquidated in 1978.

Who owns BSA motorcycles now?

Classic Legends
BSA is officially owned by Classic Legends, which India’s Mahindra group of companies has a 60% stake in. The joint venture has received support from the UK government, which awarded BSA a £4.6m grant to develop electric bikes, in the hope of creating at least 255 jobs.

Are Triumph and BSA the same?

The BSA frame was lighter and more rigid, though the Triumph engine was considered easier to tune. This led to many enterprising owners fitting Triumph engines in BSA frames, creating the TriBSA.

What killed the British motorcycle industry?

In 1969, the British motorcycle industry was on the point of collapse. The explanation for this state of affairs was that the Italians and Japanese had stolen the markets.

Did BSA own Triumph?

A government-organised rescue operation in 1973 led to the takeover of BSA-Triumph motorcycle operations by Norton-Villiers, later known as Norton Villiers Triumph. At its peak, BSA (including Triumph) was the largest motorcycle producer in the world.

Are BSA still in business?

After the Second World War, BSA did not manage its business well, and a government-organised rescue operation in 1973 led to a takeover of such operations as it still owned….Birmingham Small Arms Company.

Type Listed company
Fate Remainder acquired 1973 by Manganese Bronze Holdings
Headquarters Birmingham , UK

What happened to the BSA factory?

BSA went bankrupt in the early 1970s and merged with the Norton Villiers Triumph Group. BSA-branded machines ceased production in 1973. BSA is currently just a brand that churns out motorcycle t-shirts and merchandise.

What is BSA short for?


Acronym Definition
BSA Boy Scouts of America
BSA Birmingham Small Arms (BSA motorcycles)
BSA Bank Secrecy Act
BSA Bovine Serum Albumin

Why is the motorcycle industry dying?

The problem lies in that while the older riders want bigger, faster, more powerful motorcycles, the new riders don’t. For the most part, those types of bikes are very expensive and younger riders don’t have the same income as the generations before.

Who is the manufacturer of the BSA motorcycle?

BSA motorcycles were made by the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited ( BSA ), which was a major British industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools;

When did BSA start making two stroke motorcycles?

The pre-war era of BSA is known for producing one of the most reliable motorcycles in the world. Since the introduction of two-stroke bikes in 1928, sales skyrocketed because most of the bikes were economical and worthy of an off-road experience.

When did BSA withdraw from the motorcycle industry?

In 1953 BSA withdrew motorcycle production from BSA Cycles Ltd, the company it had established in 1919, by creating BSA Motorcycles Ltd. BSA also produced its 100,000th BSA Bantam motorcycle, a fact celebrated at the 1953 motorcycle show with a visit by Sir Anthony Eden to the BSA stand. This section does not cite any sources.

When was the first BSA 50 degree motorcycle made?

In November 1919 BSA launched their first 50 degree vee-twin, Model E, 770cc side valve (6–7 hp) motorcycle for the 1920 season. The machine had interchangeable valves, total loss oil system with mechanical pump and an emergency hand one.