Telenor Super card – The Card Family Explained

There is an awesome family of Telenor Super card in which you would find 3 different types of cards. Each of which has its own pros and cons. They don’t have cons but with that I mean there is different sort of packages and bundles in each card.

Today here our agenda is to talk about this family explain its each member. There are three types of Telenor Super Card available in the market. We will look at each of it and would try our best to explain each of this for you guys so that it would be easy for you to choose the best easy card for yourself or loved one.

First let me explain Telenor Super Card 450. This card duration is one month. If you will buy this card you will get 500 Telenor to Telenor Minutes and this 500 minutes can also be used for PTCL numbers as well. The Off-Net minutes which you will get with this card is 50 minutes. This fifty minutes would be for Jazz, Zong, Ufone and Warid clients or users. The SMS which you would get with this super card is 500 with the internet of 1000 MBs. Isn’t that such an awesome for little workload users? Indeed it is. Now let’s talk about the price, which is 450 and you can buy this card from franchise or just dial *350# that’s it.

The second one which I would love to introduce to you guys is The Telenor Super card 800. This is a bit double in price and volume of bundles/offers as well. This could be a massive one if you are the one who do a lot of calls and use internet a lot then it is for them honestly. It’s kinda awesome one to use for the next 30 days.

Moving towards it to explain this for you guys so with this card you are going to get 3000 Telenor to Telenor minutes and PTCL minutes. The Off-Net minutes with this card is 300 minutes which are valid for Jazz, Zong, and Warid. The SMS with this package which you are going to get is 3000 SMS. These sms are usually for all network if you would get in any type of package and bundle.

The internet MBs which you are going to get with 800 PKR card is 6000 MBs which is 5 times more than the Telenor easy card 450. Isn’t that a type of massive card to use for you next coming four weeks? Yep it is a kind of win-win situation.

The decision is your now because these are offers or card which were available from them and we did a review on them and explained all of these for you… So that you would enjoy and know which one would be best for you!

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