Register for a birth certificate to apply for all other mandatory documentation with ease.

Birth certificates​ have to be the most used document since they are connected to all other application processes. They are needed for processes ranging from applications to school and college to Government documents like the PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, and election cards. These documents in-turn can be used for everything else.

Applying for a ​birth certificate​ was initially handled at the time a child was born. There have been acceptions to this rule and quite often people are allowed a couple of days to apply for a birth certificate if they choose to take them. This is generally done giving them time to either gather all the documents needed for the process or find the right name for their kid.

What is the process of applying for a birth certificate?

Initially, the process was handled by the hospital where the child was born. However, if the parents needed more time, they had to handle the process themselves by heading to the Panchayat or Municipality with the required paperwork. In most parts of India, the details of births and deaths are stored at the offices of the Panchayat or Municipality closest to them. The births are handled nearest to the hospital where the child was delivered, and the deaths, closest to home.

Now, the process has been taken to the internet with a highly efficient ​online birth certificate portal which allows people to go through the process in a couple of minutes. If the applicant’s parents have all their information with them, they would be able to handle it in a few easy steps. The website has all the details anyone would need, additionally, it also has all the application forms required.

Applicants have to make sure they fill out the forms without any errors cause they would need to handle another process to rectify them. After everything has been submitted, the website needs a couple of days to process everything at their backend before providing a date by when the birth certificates would be ready.

What are the other tasks the website handles?

As mentioned earlier, the website is capable of handling all needs or concerns that an individual could have while going through the birth certificate process. Another issue that people usually face when dealing with birth certificates is receiving one with a bunch of errors. Making changes to birth certificates is not easy, but can also be handled through the site.

If an applicant is looking to make changes to their details, they would have to go through the applications and upload all the documents needed, including identification, an affidavit stating the change, an application letter and so on. All these files would have to be uploaded to the website which would take a couple of days to respond. It would provide a specific time with the birth certificate would be ready and dispatched.

Overall, the new process handles all issues relating to births certificates in a lot less time than previously having to run from one office to another.