Mastering Pokemon Go and Making Decent Money on the Side

Pokemon Go was one of the most downloaded games last 2016 that reached up to more than 5 million downloads in that year alone. A lot of the young generations and even fans of Pokémon turned the game into a cultural phenomenon. The reason for this is because users can utilize augmented reality as they progress to become Pokemon masters.

Players can act out their favorite animation show by going around places to catch their favorite Pokemon with the help of GPS. Players can also make a decent amount of money through different methods to make the most of their time from playing the game, such as selling multiple accounts.

Although players can spend their money to get stronger in the game, they can also make a reasonable sum of money from catching rare Pokemons. Since some players find it challenging to go around places to find rare and strong Pokemons, they find account sellers who have those rare Pokemons. Thus, some players can get to the top of the charts without spending a lot of time and effort.

Mastering Pokemon Go

Mastering Pokemon Go will need a lot of time and patience, similar to any games that require you to grind to become stronger. However, there are quite a few Pokemon Go Cheats that’ll help you get by the starting process and increase the speed of gaining experience to level up.

Although Pokemon Go Cheats aren’t precisely the same as other games where you type in code combinations to get some rewards or invincibility, further cheats serve as a guide for new Pokemon trainers to know the best ways of becoming a true Pokemon master.

Getting Pikachu as Your Starting Pokemon

Keep in mind that the three starting Pokemon in Pokemon Go is similar to the Pokemon series, which are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. However, there’s a step-by-step hack to get Pikachu as your starting Pokemon.  For those who want to follow the ways of Ash Ketchum, the main character of the Pokemon anime series.

The process of doing the starter Pikachu hack is by walking away from the three starter Pokemon until the three starter Pokemon disappears from your screen. Following this, you can go back until they re-appear on your screen, doing this process three times will get Pikachu to appear on the fourth time of the process.

Leveling Up Faster

Another way of mastering Pokemon Go is by playing the game everyday. Catching more and more Pokemons can increase your level. However, one specific form of getting more experience points or XP from catching Pokemons is by throwing a curveball. The reason for this is that throwing curveballs increases the XP by 50 since it’s challenging to land.

Best Way to Catch Challenging Wild Pokemon

Pokemon trainers should always use their stacked Razz Berries when catching tough Pokemon. Feeding the hard-to-catch wild Pokemon with Razz Berries before attempting to throw a Poke Ball allows the wild Pokemon to warm up to you.

Making Decent Money

Before attempting to make money through Pokemon Go, Pokemon trainers should first familiarize themselves with the best PokéStops. PokéStops serve as a beacon, otherwise known as Lure Modules, that’ll attract more Pokemon. After you’ve familiarized yourself with the PokéStops, you’re ready to make decent money.

Keep in mind that there are different methods of making money with Pokemon Go, here are the best ways you can utilize to earn a decent profit.

Pokemon Uber Driver

Everyone knows that Uber is a car-for-hire service that a lot of people are doing today, by using their vehicles to earn money. Primarily, Pokemon Uber driver works the same as a regular Uber driver, but you’ll be driving around your customers to the best locations to catch Pokemon.

Further, your knowledge of the PokéStops can also benefit you since you’ll be making your customers happy. Providing excellent service to your customers can get you a higher rating in Uber and probably the right amount of tips. Moreover, having a higher rating in Uber can get you more customers to hire you to drive them around the best PokéStops in the city.

Creating Multiple Accounts for Pokemon Go

Creating multiple accounts for Pokemon Go allows you to sell them over time whenever you’ve caught the right amount of rare Pokemon and have reached a higher level. Keep in mind that you can also go around with friends who have a higher level than you to increase the chances of finding even more rare Pokemon.

Several businesses provide players platform to buy and sell Pokemon Go accounts to earn money. Since buying high-level Pokemon Go accounts with rare Pokemon has become extremely popular, more and more players are trying to the same to make decent money.


Mastering Pokemon Go is easy to do, especially if you know the tips and tricks to catch rare Pokemon and gain a lot of experience points to level up. Further, if you familiarize yourself with the best PokéStops to lure lots of Pokemon, you’ll be able to make decent money in no time. Keep in mind that doing this can take a lot of time and patience, but if you do it right, you’ll be able to earn money in no time.