Best Ways to Create a Great Impression through Commercial Interior Design


There can be no denying what the value of the first impression in anything is. Whether we talk of people or places, food, or items, the impression it leaves on us in its first sight/ view/ taste is the one that predominantly lays down how it is for us. Very rarely do these impressions change, significantly change for the better.

While you may take this with a pinch of salt in your personal life, this is not something you can risk in business. A lousy impression here can cost you loads literally. You need to and have to make a great first impression on this.

For a business or a commercial design company the first impression comes from their point of contact and the look and feel of the workspace in terms of interiors. This makes what impression you give off from your workspace and how you wish it to be perceived more than crucial.

To help with that, we have the following design factors that you must keep in mind.

  • Space and Layout

For what may seem like an inconsequential detail, your workspace’s spacing and layout hold more value to your interior impression than you can imagine. Your words and commitment or your vision must be reflected in your space and layout choices.

To understand how this works, think of a commercial interior design company Sydney that guarantees you their work preciseness and attention to detail. However, their workspace is cluttered with furniture items, and they seem to be lost in their own small space, losing out on the detailing for themselves. This contradiction gives off the first bad impression and makes it highly unlikely that you will trust their words.

Some classic yet never failing concepts in space and layout are that open spaces inspire transparency and honestly as quality. However, private spaces give out the impression of importance to the person and their work. It always boils down to the balance between the different elements of spacing and layout.

  • Materials and Colours

No detail is too small, no point too minor to be addressed in commercial fit-outs when it comes to impressions. One of the most often overlooked, though, by far the most lingering memory and impression are the materials and colors used in your workspace.

Choosing the right material and texture can make a life abs and death difference when it comes to business impressions and deals. You want to make sure your choice of texture in even the smallest detail of furniture and items do not give off discomfiting or unreliability signals. An uncomfortable piece of furniture where the other person has to sit for long can leave you and your office’s worst possible lingering impression. Make sure, therefore, to use the right textures as per the context.

They say color defines the mood, and mood defines life. This is no less true in a commercial system. You do not wish your clients and other stakeholders to feel angry, untrusting, and other such emotions that some colors induce in the people who see them for long. A commercial space with neutral or nude colors can give a lasting impression over one with loud, enraging deep colors. The choices here have to be in tandem with your work scope and the ambiance you wish to set for your workspace.

  • Comfort and Functionality

Beyond what meets the eye lies the experience of the person. For a lasting impression from your commercial fit-out, you must strike the perfect balance between having items that are functional and also comfortable.

Too much comfort, and while it may please the person momentarily, will not leave them with a professional impression. On the contrary, too much functionality with near-zero comfort leaves them disliking the image they carry of the place at a subconscious level.

  • Reduce Clutter with Storage Solutions

A commercial space that has everything out on tables and chairs may seem like a good idea to give the impression of work and commitment, but it often does the opposite. Cluttered spaces in terms of furniture or fit-outs or items leave the worst impression.

Not only is the space physically uncomfortable for the person, but they are also noting to themselves the lack of organization skills you have. Finding the right storage means and solutions is a necessity and is something you must invest thought into.

We know how difficult it can be to make informed decisions on all fronts keeping all items in mind when it comes to commercial fit-outs. Therefore, we suggest you hire or work with a commercial interior designer who can help you make the choices.