Benefits of wearing Blue light blocking glasses

Staring at screens without protecting your eyes for a long time may affect your eyesight. While we get too crazy about technology, we end up neglecting our health. Every screen, whether a small one like that for a phone or a wide one like that on your PC is capable of worsening your vision when you sit in front of it for too long. Office workers spend 1700 to 1900 hours per year on average in front of a computer screen. People are so addicted to their smartphones and laptops that they are developing serious health issues, such as sleeplessness (insomnia), headache, digital eye-straining, etc.

But it’s not possible to live without technology and drop out this practice of prolonged screen staring. Here comes the role of anti-ray coated glass or blue light blocking glasses. This glass is specially designed to protect your eyes by reflecting certain rays ejected by digital screens. For those who can’t help but stare at computer screens, these glasses are the final answer to solve their problems.

What is Blue light?

The truth is we can’t see all the light that comes to our eyes. Our eyes can only see what we call a visible light wave range. Beyond this, there are also some lights with short or long wavelengths. Blue light is a kind of short-wavelength ray that produces a massive amount of energy. Prolonged exposure to this type of light over time may cause a severe defect in eyesight such as macular degeneration and retinal damage. This blue light or ultraviolet ray (UV) exposure affects our eyes creating a non-transparent eye lens, resulting in a loss of eyesight like cataract or blurred vision.

What radiates blue light?

Not only digital screens but the sun itself is a huge source of blue light. Every day it radiates an enormous amount of blue rays that are harmful to the eyes as well as our skin. Therefore, it is easy to say that every visible source of light such as the sun, light bulbs, and touch screens give off blue light.

What is a blue light blocking glass?

Blue light blocking glasses are specially coated optical lenses that use filters to reflect or absorb blue lights and prevents UV rays from going through them. If you look at the PC screen by wearing these glasses, it would reduce the exposure to blue light. That means it prevents you from digital eye-straining and keeps you awake for a long time to work.

Why should I wear blue light filter glass?

Are you facing issues like sleeplessness or digital eye staining? Then you have to think about using blue light filter glasses. Here is how this can benefit you.

Increases melatonin production

Melatonin is a hormone that helps you to sleep faster and also maintains the daily rhythm of your body. Blue rays decrease the production rate of melatonin that in turn, causes digital eye-straining and makes it difficult to fall asleep quickly at night. Blue light filter glasses recreate and keep optimum melatonin levels of your body in place.

Control cortisol release

It is another hormone that helps to relieve stress and is also called the stress hormone. Blue light filter lenses control cortisol levels to keep you active for your scheduled office work.

Prevents Macular damage

Excessive exposure to blue light causes the pre-aging of the eye cells. Over time that may cause severe damage to the retina. Blue light filter glasses stop blue light from passing through the lenses & protect your eyes from macular damage.

Now that you are well aware of the use and benefits of blue light blocking glass, you should start using it and keep eye problems at bay.