5 Tips on how to Save Gel Blaster Batteries

Gel blasting is a sport similar to paintball that is often played in local clubs by people who enjoy the thrill of this game. It adheres to gameplay based on honor using the gel blasters. The players put on camouflage outfits and shoot gel balls out of gel blasters at their opponents. Sometimes the players also put on team jerseys and paintball masks. The game follows strict safety guidelines and regulations. When it comes to protecting the battery of your gel blasters, there are some guidelines you should follow.

Do Not Overcharge the Battery

The battery of a gel blaster usually takes between 1 to 3 hours to charge fully; it is essential to adhere to this time to maintain the health of your battery. Leaving a fully charged battery unplugged will eventually harm it. You will know that your battery is going flat when playing by the change in the way the blaster shoots out the balls; when that happens, it is time to charge the battery.

Even at 100%, the battery will still receive trickle charges that make sure it stays at full percentage; ensure that your gel blaster battery does not stay charging for over 4 hours. The trickle charges maintain the cell in high stress and tense condition hence wearing out the battery’s chemistry. Unplugging the battery from the socket releases the tension that contributes to the earing off of the cell.

Do Not Leave the Battery Unattended When Charging

Before plugging in your gel battery on the socket, make sure you will be home until it fully charges or gets enough charge for another round of gel blasting session. It ensures that in case something goes wrong, you are there to fix it. Staying around when charging the battery ensures that you do not overcharge it as well.

In case of a sudden shock, make sure you safely remove the battery from the socket and follow the safety instructions given by the manufacturer. Use fire-safe bags for batteries, especially when charging the battery for long periods.

Store the Battery Properly

It is common knowledge that cells do not interact well with high temperatures. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep gel blasters batteries in a cool and dry place to keep it functioning for a long time; furthermore, keep the batteries away from direct sunlight. High-temperature environments may lead to battery ruptures, loss of capacity, and leakages; keep them at room temperature.

Leakages and rapture may also be caused by exposing your battery to fire or disassembling a damaged battery. Additionally, another cause is mixing old and new gel blaster batteries. If possible, keep the cells in the original package to avoid confusing the old one from the new one and also make sure the environmental conditions are right for the battery.

Use the Correct Charger

Usually, a gel blaster comes with a 7.4 volts battery and a USB cable; the charger has two ports, one for the 7.4 volts battery and the other the 11.1 volts battery. It also has an LED indicator that shines red when charging and when fully charged, the three symbols turn green. Some of the benefits of this charger are it can charge any gel blaster battery and at twice the speed.

The correct charger extends the life of your battery hence making sure you do not often upgrade your gel blaster battery. Although new gel blasters come with the manufacturer’s chargers, you must research whether or not the charger is the best available option. In case you replace the charger, stick to those manufactured by credible brands for the benefit of both you and the device.

Connect and Disconnect the Battery Correctly.

Connecting and disconnecting incorrectly the battery from the gel blaster is harmful to the terminals and the wiring; it is, therefore, crucial to do the procedure as indicated by the manufacturer. Once the battery is in the chamber when putting the box top on, please make sure there are no wires on the edges or protruding out. Doing so will damage the cables and, in turn, the gel blaster.

Following the charging and battery guidelines placed by the manufacturer ensures that you enjoy many years of blasting gels without often replacing the battery or the whole gel blaster.