How do I unblock my IP in cPanel?

Set Up: Unblocking an IP address or a domain name in cPanel

  1. Click IP Blocker under Security in cPanel.
  2. Find the IP address from the Currently-Blocked IP Addresses table.
  3. Click Delete in the Actions column for the selected IP address.
  4. On the Remove IP page, click Remove IP to confirm the unblock request.

What is IP blocker in cPanel?

cPanel IP blocker enables you to block your website for a single IP address, domain name or a range of IP address. All those users, who will try to access your website from blocked IP addresses will not be able to access your website.

Why can’t I access my cPanel?

most probably cPanel access ports are blocked on the side of your ISP, local computer, network, firewall or antivirus. In such cases you can use as it’s using HTTP port 80, which is available for everyone in the Internet. Also, you can check if a specific port is blocked using Telnet command.

How do I unblock an IP address from my router?

Step #2: Unblock the IP Address

  1. Click on the Network tab to bring up the Networking pane.
  2. You will see your current IP address, as reported by your web browser, prepopulated in the cPanel Quick IP Address Unblock field.
  3. Click the Unblock IP button to attempt to automatically remove the IP address in the CSF firewall.

Is my IP blocked from a website?

How Do I Know If My IP Is Being Blocked? To confirm you are blocked from accessing your server, you should try to log in to your web server, as usual, to see what kind of connection error message you’re getting. This error will often provide a specific reason that your IP has been blocked.

How do I unblock a blocked IP address?

You can complete the following tasks:

  1. To block an IP address, enter the address in the IP address field, and click Add. The address is added to the BLOCKED IP ADDRESSES list.
  2. To unblock an IP address by removing it from the list, click delete alongside the address that you want to unblock.

Where is my cPanel?

You can login to your cPanel using the address bar of your browser. Type in your website address followed by a colon and then 2083. Accessing your cPanel would look like this You can also log in to your cPanel by typing in /cpanel after your website address.

How do I know if my WiFi is being blocked?

If you believe that you’ve been blocked from a wireless network, you can confirm this by checking a few things in your network status page.

  1. Double-check to ensure that your network password was typed properly, if your network has one.
  2. Open up your Network Settings and check your network status.

Why is my cPanel server blocking my access?

For example, if a customer has forgotten their cPanel or FTP login details and they make multiple (unsuccessful) attempts to log in, the server may determine that this could be an attempted hacking attempt and it will then block any access originating from that particular IP address.

What to do if you get IP block in cPanel?

If IP block is due to category 1 issues, our cPanel administrators help the end customers fix their mail client settings, FTP client settings, login details or PC security, based on the issue noted. To resolve IP blocks due to category 2 issues, we adjust the server settings, like modifying the mod_security rules.

What does the ending IP mean in cPanel?

Ending IP represents the end of the range. For example, if you enter the range, the Currently-Blocked IP Addresses table will appear similar to the following example: To remove an IP address from the list of blocked IP addresses, perform the following steps:

Why do I get logged out on my cPanel page?

Usually, there are no images in the main cPanel page and you get logged out when you try to access any menu: This issue is caused by cPanel in-built option Cookie IP Validation. It checks that the IP address that the visitor originally came from matches their IP address on subsequent requests.