What is Scott Caan doing?

EXCLUSIVE: Former Hawaii-Five-0 co-lead Scott Caan is returning to CBS with a new hourlong starring vehicle, which he also is co-writing and executive producing. The project hails from Jerry Bruckheimer Television and CBS Studios, where the company is based.

Did Alex O’Loughlin leave Hawaii 5o?

The long-running CBS action drama, led by series star Alex O’Loughlin, will officially end after the current 10th season, the network announced Friday. “This show has been pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life,” said O’Loughlin in a statement Friday.

Who are the cast members of Hawaii Five-0?

Both Grace Park and Daniel Dae-Kim were main cast members on Hawaii Five-0 and were very popular. However, they looked at getting pay raises to put them on the same level as their white male co-stars and reportedly did not get them.

Why was the last season of Hawaii Five-0 cancelled?

Let’s get to know the reasons behind the series’ cancellation and all the news about the cast’s plans in their career and life. In the final season of “Hawaii Five-0,” the brave crime-fighter Adam Noshimuri was pulled back into the dark world of his old life as a son of the Yakuza.

Who was the actor that got shot on Hawaii Five-0?

Most recently, Arrow vet Katrina Law joined the show as former military intelligence, and it’s been heavily rumored that the show might be losing star Jorge Garcia, with his character Jerry likely having gotten shot in the Season 9 finale.

Why did Kono Kalakaua leave Hawaii Five-0?

While Grace Park left Hawaii Five-0 as Kono Kalakaua in 2017, many fans are still wondering what happened to the popular actress. Here is a look at why Park left the show and what happened to Kono. Grace Park left Hawaii Five-0 in 2017 for one big reason and it was unfortunate.