What companies does Baker Hughes own?


  • Brown Oil Tools.
  • BJ Services Company.
  • EXLOG.
  • Eastman Christensen.
  • Milchem.
  • OCRE.
  • Petrolite.
  • Teleco Oilfield Services.

Is Baker Petrolite part of Baker Hughes?

A business unit of oilfield equipment maker Baker Hughes , Baker Petrolite manufactures specialty chemicals for oil and natural gas production — fluid stimulants for oil drillers, as well as hydrate, corrosion, paraffin, and scale inhibitors.

Who is the owner of Baker Hughes?

General Electric
Baker Hughes/Owners

Is GE going to sell Baker Hughes?

General Electric (GE -0.4%) discloses it sold off more of the Baker Hughes (BKR -1.1%) shares it owned, likely raising nearly $1B.

Does Baker Hughes hire felons?

No! It will not depending on the felony as well! No this would not disqualify a candidate.

What did GE pay for Baker Hughes?

General Electric bought Baker Hughes in a $32 billion deal that closed in July 2017, merging the Houston company with GE Oil & Gas. Burdened by multibillion dollar losses, General Electric announced plans to sell its 62.5 percent stake in Baker Hughes nearly one year later.

Why did GE buy Baker Hughes?

When General Electric in 2017 merged its oil and gas services business into Baker Hughes and paid Baker shareholders $7.4 billion cash for the opportunity, the idea was for G.E. to rid itself of an underperforming business while building up Baker into a worthy competitor to Schlumberger SLB -4.2% and Halliburton HAL – …

Is GE felony friendly?

Do you hire felons? No, however, they did believe in second chances and our Country’s rehabilitation facilities.

When did Petrolite become part of Baker Hughes?

In the 1990s Petrolite also open its international technology center in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the first of its kind outside of North America. In 1997, Petrolite was merged into Baker Hughes Incorporated as part of its speciality chemicals division. ^ “Petrolite Corporation History”.

Where are the headquarters of Baker Hughes oil company?

Baker Hughes. It operates in more than 120 countries, providing the oil and gas industry with products and services for oil drilling, formation evaluation, completion, production and reservoir consulting. Baker Hughes, a GE Company has its headquarters in the legacy BHI headquarters in Houston, Texas .

Who are the founders of Baker Hughes Incorporated?

Baker Hughes Incorporated is the product of the 1987 merger of two oilfield-services companies with surprisingly similar histories, Baker Oil Tools and Hughes Tool Company. Both were founded shortly before World War I by aggressive entrepreneurs who won valuable patents and earned gushing royalties on early oil-extraction devices.

Who is the parent company of Petrolite Corporation?

Petrolite Corporation was an American manufacturer of chemicals. Founded in 1930 from the merger of the Tret-O-lite Company with the Petroleum Rectifying Company of California (PETRECO), it was subsequently merged into Baker Hughes Incorporated in 1997.