Is marble temple good for home?

According to Vastu Shastra, a temple made of wood is propitious and considered to be more religious. Sheesham Wood (Rosewood), apart from other wood types, is considered auspicious for Home Temple. Marble Temples are also considered appropriate. Also, the Home Temple should not be placed directly on the floor.

What is the price of white marble?

Questions & Answers on White Marble

Form Min Price Max Price
Cut-to-Size Rs 28/Square Feet Rs 80/Square Feet
Slab Rs 25/Square Feet Rs 900/Square Feet
Tile Rs 40/Square Feet Rs 330/Square Feet

Should pooja room be closed?

Pooja Room Vastu Design, Direction of Idols of God & Colors. Idols in the pooja room must not face each other or the door, and they must be located in the north-east ideally, not too close to the wall.

Can we have single door for pooja room?

The entrance to your pooja room is the threshold through which sacred energies pass into the rest of your home. This is because, without a door, the pious energies inside a pooja room can weaken. Moreover, having only one door is also not advisable as per vastu shastra.

What to do with marble in Pooja room?

Along with trying varying marble stone pooja mandir designs, you can also try having marble platform designs in your pooja room. You can use these marble platforms for putting God’s statues and idols and also place some of the decorative items as well.

What kind of door frame for Pooja room?

Pooja Room Door Design In Plywood: This is quite the most straightforward door frame designs made of Plywood for a pooja room. The best thing with the Plywood is that it can be carved easily to create any designs. You can see the rectangular gaps in the mid-portion of the Door.

How can I make a pooja room in my home?

For large homes, instead of getting a new wooden mandir design made at home, you can refurbish old wood or look for second-hand stores where you can find an affordable wooden mandir design, which could be refinished as per your choice. Small mandirs are ideal for apartments and small homes, which do not have space for a separate pooja room.

Why are there Pictures on the door of Pooja Mandir?

Painted Pooja Mandir Doors: When it comes to religion, why keep it constricted inside the room. Show it to the world about the greatness of God by carving or engraving or painting the pictures of God on the door of the pooja room.