What does METAR stand for in Weather Report?

METAR (Aviation Routine Weather Report) refers to a scheduled observation taken between 55-59 minutes past the hour (also referred to as a routine hourly observation). SPECI (Special Report) refers to an unscheduled observation that met a predefined criteria (such as a change from VFR to

What is the METAR code for sand dust?

N O A A N A T I O N A L W E A T H E R S E R V I C E Symbol METAR Code Description Dust or sand Dust or sand Dust or sand FU VA Smoke or volcanic Ash HZ Haze DU SA Dust or sand

Is the ICAO code UM used in Russia?

The only exception is the prefix UM, which, while used for Belarus airports, is also used for a single airport (UMKK) in Russia (in the Kaliningrad Oblast exclave ). For this reason, there is a UM second-level section under Russia as well as the first level section UM – Belarus .

Where does the prefix you go in ICAO code?

The prefix ‘U’ is used for Russia and all the former Soviet republics except Moldova (LU), Estonia (EE), Latvia (EV) and Lithuania (EY). Each former Soviet republic or group of them is assigned a 2-character (Ux) prefix and Russia has 10 prefixes.

What does the number 9999 mean on METAR?

· Forecast Visibility (as item 5) (9999 indicates 10Kilometers vis or greater) An eight digit telegraphic code on runway conditions for some European airports may be included at the end of hourly METAR messages: The first two digits correspond to the runway designator.

How to decode METAR, Taf, and pilot reports?

1. Type of report (TAF) 2. ICAO Identifier (4 letter) 3. Issuance time (DDHHMM Z) UTC. May precede ICAO identifier at some airports. 4. Day (DD). Hour begins (1 st two digits XX) Hour ends (2 nd two digits). 5. Wind. First 3 digits true wind direction or average if variable.

What do the first three digits of METAR mean?

First 3 digits true wind direction or average if variable. If the wind varies 60° or more, the direction will be indicated with a V (e.g. 120V190). Next two digits Mean speed and units (KT=knots, KMH=kilometers per hour, or MPS=meters per second). G=gust as needed (2 or 3 digits).

When does a 7 appear in the METAR?

7////: This element only makes its appearance in the METAR once a day, at the 12Z observation. The preface of a “7” indicates rainfall in the past 24 hours. T01500078: if you’re interested in 0.1°C accuracy on the temperature/dewpoint, this one’s for you. It’s two 4-digit fields.

What does RMK in METAR stand for in AWOS?

Typically I ignore everything after RMK (Remarks) in a METAR, because I haven’t learned what they mean (did you know that METAR stands for ME teorological T erminal A viation R outine Weather Report? Me neither…). But our AWOS shows some additional codes every three hours, and I got curious, so I’ll share what I’ve found.

When was the METAR format introduced to the world?

The METAR format was introduced 1 January 1968 internationally and has been modified a number of times since. North American countries continued to use a Surface Aviation Observation (SAO) for current weather conditions until 1 June 1996, when this report was replaced with an approved variant of the METAR agreed upon in a 1989 Geneva agreement.


Can a Foreflight decode all of the METAR?

Even programs like Foreflight don’t decode all of the METAR. They typically leave off the remarks (RMK) section leaving pilots to wonder what the rest of the METAR means. This article will take a deep dive into how to read every aspect of the METAR. By the end, even the most experienced pilots will learn something new.

Where do you find the visibility on a METAR?

The barbs show winds are out of the northwest which is confirmed when you look below and see the winds are 292 degrees at 21,000 feet. After the winds, you’ll find the visibility. They are 10 statute miles in this example. You will never see this number reported in nautical miles.

How big is a METAR and Taf decoder?

The information from one round (cycle) of all approximately 4,200 measuring stations together is still about 3 Mb. Yet encrypted METAR and TAFs do have their limitations.Sometimes it is difficult to quickly visualize all the information it contains. A METAR or TAF can be set up with other units than you are used to and you have to convert.