What is a waffle brain?

“Men’s brains are more like waffles. They’re better able to focus because the information collects in each little waffle square.” By comparison, a man will ‘speak at length ― because he really believes in his idea. ‘”

Can a male be born with a female brain?

You Don’t Have a “Male or Female Brain”: Studies Weaken Theories of Human Brain Sex Differences. Summary: Recent studies dispel the myth of sexual dimorphic brains. Everyone knows the difference between male and female brains.

Why are men better at throwing?

A faster and more powerful throw has an underlying physical component that favours men because of their larger average body size and muscle mass. Professional males can often throw with a greater speed than females.

Who is Pam and Bill?

Pam Farrel is an international speaker, relationship expert, and author of over 50 books including best-selling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti. Together with her husband, Bill, they Co-Direct Love-Wise, giving encouragement, education and enrichment to build people’s most vital relationships.

Why do men hide their feelings?

As emotions such as fear and sadness are generally not as accepted, men might try to hide these from themselves and those around them. They feel that they should be able to cope on their own. Individuals might try to cope with ‘negative’ emotions in one or more of the following ways: Withdrawing from family and friends.

Are female and male brains physically different?

Male and female brain anatomy. Males and females differ in some aspects of their brains, notably the overall difference in size, with men having larger brains on average (between 8% and 13% larger), but there are areas of the brain that appear not to be sexually differentiated.

Is it true that men have a box in their brain?

Men have a box in their brain that women are not aware of. This particular box, has NOTHING in it. It’s true. In fact, we call it the “Nothing” box. And of all the boxes a man has in his brain, the nothing box is his favorite box.

Why do men go to the Nothing Box?

In fact, we call it the ‘nothing’ box. And of all the boxes a man has in his brain, the ‘nothing’ box is our favorite box. If a man has a chance, he’ll go to his nothing box every time. That’s why a man can do something seemingly completely brain dead for hours on end.

When was the song Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds written?

About “Little Boxes”. What Tom Lehrer called “the most sanctimonious song ever written,” “Little Boxes” is a song written in 1962 by the folk singer Malvina Reynolds about the conformist, quick-fix attitudes of middle-class Americans at the time. I’ve been lecturing my classes about middle-class conformity for a whole semester.

What does little box in Little Box House mean?

It mocks suburban tract housing as “little boxes” of different colors “all made out of ticky-tacky”, and which “all look just the same.”. “Ticky-tacky” is a reference to the shoddy material supposedly used in the construction of the houses.