How does Charlotte feel about all the visitors at the farm?

On top of that, Charlotte is a little peeved that all the visitors mean the barn is always bustling these days. But there are also some pros: The Zuckerman farm is famous! And, oh yeah, it doesn’t look like anyone wants to kill Wilbur.

Why is this chapter titled The Miracle?

The title of chapter 11 is “The Miracle” because of Charlotte’s writing in her web. When Lurvy comes outside to give Wilbur his breakfast, he sees that Charlotte has woven “SOME PIG!” into her web. Lurvy gets Homer, who declares that “a miracle” has happened on the farm.

How did Fern feel about the commotion on the farm?

At the same time, she feels wistful, and misses when the Zuckermans’ barn was ordinary and empty, and she could be “alone with her friends the animals.” Everything is changing—and Fern is feeling conflicted about how rapidly her little world is shifting.

Who does Mr Zuckerman go to see to tell him about the words some pig in Charlotte’s Web?

When Lurvy comes to deliver Wilbur’s breakfast, he notices the web’s beauty and two words spelled out in its middle: SOME PIG! Astonished, Lurvy gets Mr. Zuckerman to come see the web. Both men tremble.

Why did Mrs arable send Avery to bed without any supper?

Mrs. Arable sent Avery to bed without supper… because he tried to hit Charlotte with a stick.

What did Avery want to do with Charlotte?

Lesson Summary His friend Charlotte has a plan to save Wilbur, but when Avery discovers Charlotte in the barn, her life is in danger too. Although the more mature Fern begs Avery to leave Charlotte alone, he tries to capture her, crashing into Wilbur’s trough and crushing Templeton’s stinky goose egg in the process.

What happened in chapter 10 of Charlotte’s Web?

In Chapter 10 of Charlotte’s Web, Fern and Avery spend their morning exploring the Zuckerman’s farm and playing on the rope swing. Avery catches a frog that he proceeds to carry around. He even puts the frog through the torturous experience of riding on the rope swing.

What did Charlotte say would happen if the rotten egg broke?

What did the animals say would happen if the rotten egg broke? It would be a stink bomb.

Why was Wilbur so worried about the fair?

Wilbur was so used to being Zuckerman’s Famous Pig that he didn’t think about the other pigs that would be at the fair. Charlotte wants to protect him, so she tells him how ugly and rude Uncle is. Although they want to believe that Wilbur will win, they are both worried.

Why does Templeton want the dud egg?

Templeton points out that one egg hasn’t hatched and indicates he wants it, for he is something of a hoarder. The goose and gander agree, warning the rat to leave the goslings alone.

Who is the hero of the giver Chapter 11?

Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe provides an in-depth summary and analysis of Chapter 11 of Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver. Jonas lies face down on a bed, and the Elder gently places his hands on the boy’s back. Jonas quickly becomes immersed in a memory.

What happens in Chapter 11 of Charlotte’s web?

Lurvy feels weak and faint, unsure of whether he’s “seeing things.” Forgetting all about Wilbur’s breakfast, Lurvy goes back up to the house to fetch Homer —he says there’s something the man needs to see. Together, they return to the barn and look at the web. At the sight of the words, they both start to “tremble,” and the proud Charlotte looks on.

What happens to Jonas in the giver Chapter 11?

The Receiver has given up trying to assert his power. The Receiver next gives Jonas a memory of sunshine. At Jonas’s request, he then gives Jonas his first memory of pain—a mild sunburn. Jonas is startled by the sensation, but begins to understand that painful experiences are necessary to be able to appreciate the pleasant ones.

What happens at the end of the giver?

The old man says that was tiring for him, but that he feels lightened because he gave away one memory. Jonas asks if that means the old man doesn’t have that particular memory anymore. The Receiver admits that, yes, this is true, but he has thousands of memories just like it, so he won’t miss it.