How many head coaches has Cleveland Browns had since 1999?

11 head coaches
Since 1999 there have been 11 head coaches in 22 seasons (and a 12th will wear a headset for the 2020 season).

How many coaches have the Cleveland Browns have?

14 head
There have been 14 head coaches for the Browns franchise.

Who were the last three coaches for the Cleveland Browns?

All-Time Head Coaches

Name League Years
Hue Jackson NFL 2016 – 2018
Mike Pettine NFL 2014 – 2015
Rob Chudzinski NFL 2013
Pat Shurmur NFL 2011 – 2012

Who coached the Browns after Paul Brown?

Blanton Collier
The Paul Brown era ended after the 1962 season and he was replaced by a former assistant, Blanton Collier. Collier gave the Browns their last NFL championship in 1964, when they defeated the Baltimore Colts, 27-0. The Browns reached the post-season playoffs 22 times in their first 40 years in the NFL.

Did the Browns go 0 16?

In going 0–16, the Browns became the first franchise in NFL history to have multiple and consecutive seasons with 15 or more losses.

Who was the last coach to take the Browns to the playoffs?

Bill Belichick Belichick was the head coach for the Cleveland Browns in the 1991-1995 seasons, a total of five years. The team made it to the playoffs one time (1994) and had a 1-1 record under Coach Belichick in playoff games.

Who was the last Browns coach to win Coach of the Year?

Stefanski, 38, is just the second Browns coach to ever win the Coach of the Year award since it was introduced in 1957, joining Forrest Gregg, who earned the title after the 1976 season.

Did Bill Belichick take the Browns to the playoffs?

The 1994 Cleveland Browns season was the team’s 45th season with the National Football League and 49th overall. It was the only season that the Browns qualified for the playoffs under head coach Bill Belichick.