What are the duties and responsibilities of a pathologist?

A pathologist performs or supervise tests on blood, other body fluids, body secretions and samples of tissue taken at surgery or as a part of a medical examination or autopsy. Where appropriate, the pathologist may render a clinical interpretation or consultation based on the results of the test.

How long does an externship last?

The duration of an externship is much shorter than that of internships. An externship could last anywhere from a single day to a couple of weeks at the most whereas an internship would typically be about eight weeks at the very minimum and can even extend to much longer than that for some fields.

What are the benefits of an externship?

Participating in an externship can help a student to determine if that particular career field is the right fit for them. If they enjoy an externship experience, they can work to obtain additional experiences and knowledge within that field during their college years.

Do you get paid while doing an externship?

Do You Get Paid When You Do an Externship? You don’t get paid to do an externship. This is in contrast to internships, which often do offer minimum wage. (The U.S. Department of Labor offers these guidelines to help determine whether interns must be compensated by for-profit employers.)