Do 2wd have CV joints?

This is the “two wheel drive” style. So, since the engine is in the front and the drive wheels are in the rear, the drive shaft has UV or universal joints. CV joints are usually found on vehicles with independently suspend drive wheels. Universal Joints are usually found on the drive shafts.

Why do wheels spin in neutral?

Registered. that’s pretty much normal for the front wheels to spin a bit when in neutralthere’s just enough friction there to spin the wheels when they’re above the ground, but not enough to move the car.

What causes a drive shaft to twist?

ALWAYS start it 180 degrees from the weld seam. Failures of the tube weld seam can also be caused by high U-joint operating angles that cause large torsional vibrations. Large “torsionals” cause two twisting motions in the drive shaft every revolution and can cause a premature “fatigue” of the weld.

How much does it cost to fix a drive shaft?

You can usually expect to pay between $320 and $750 for the average cost of the parts, while the cost of the labor is between $150 and $190. If you have a rear wheel or four wheel drive car, then the price of the broken drive shaft repair cost will be much higher.