Does phlebotomy lower blood pressure?

Phlebotomy was also found to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressures significantly in these patients (P29.

What are the symptoms of high hematocrit?

High hematocrit levels can mean that you might have a serious health condition like heart disease, but your doctor will run other tests to make sure you’re properly diagnosed….What does it mean if your hematocrit is high?Tiredness.Shortness of breath.Flushed skin.Sweating.Dizziness.Joint pain.Itching.Headaches.

Does thick blood increase blood pressure?

The relationship between BP and viscosity is such that, given a constant systolic BP, if blood viscosity increases, then the total peripheral resistance (TPR) will necessarily increase, thereby reducing blood flow. Conversely, when viscosity decreases, blood flow and perfusion will increase.

What is the treatment for thick blood?

For conditions that affect blood clotting, doctors prescribe antiplatelet therapy or anticoagulation therapy. Antiplatelet therapy: This involves medication that inhibits platelets, or the blood cells responsible for clotting, from forming clots. Aspirin is an example of antiplatelet therapy.