What is jutastat?

‘Juta’ and ‘Jutastat’ are names synonymous with South African legal publishing and a heritage of excellence. Juta and Company is the oldest publishing house in South Africa, and may well be South Africa’s oldest unlisted public company still in existence today.

What is Juta evolve?

Jutastat Evolve is a cognitive analytical research solution for fast, accurate and reliable discovery, data insights and analytics. Jutastat Evolve combines Juta’s trusted, reliable authoritative content with a award-winning cognitive technology.

Is Juta a publisher?

Juta is respected as South Africa’s pre-eminent, academic and law publisher and is renowned for its output of quality academic, legal, professional and learning solutions in a variety of electronic and print formats.

What is South African law reports?

Product description. Published monthly the All South African Law Reports publishes civil and criminal cases and precedent-setting judgments to facilitate legal research. The reports are fully indexed comprising annotations and table of statutes.

Where can I find South African law reports?

You will find South African law reports on Jutastat Online and Lexis Library.

What is Juta in English?

shoe countable noun. Shoes are objects worn on your feet. Shoes cover most of your foot but not your ankle. I need a new pair of shoes. /juta, jUtA, jootaa, jūtā/

What form of ownership is Juta and Company Pty Ltd?

limited liability public company
“Juta” and/or “we” means Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd, a limited liability public company duly incorporated in the Republic of South Africa under registration number 1919/001812/06 and whose further details are set out in clause 8.

What are the 5 sources of South African law?

As South African Law has many sources ie. Common law, legislation or statutes, judicial precedent (court decisions), indigenous law, custom and legal academic writings, it is of practical importance for lawyers to be aware of these different sources which provide the key to the content of the law.

How do you search for cases?

First, click on the “Advanced Search ” link found under the “Search for a Case” tab on the left-hand side of the page. Use the drop-down menus to select a court, legal topic, and/or industry. You may also search by date, docket number, and party name. FindLaw also offers a tab where you may perform a full-text search .

What liar means?

: a person who tells lies has a reputation as a liar.

Where can I buy a Juta ultimate list?

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What does Juta stand for in South Africa?

A proud legacy of empowering generations of South Africa’s finest legal minds: Past, Present and Future ‘Juta’ and ‘Jutastat’ are names synonymous with South African legal publishing and a heritage of excellence. Current and key legal information solutions that are essential for your law practice.

Is it possible to save time with jutastat evolve?

The future of legal research just got easier with Jutastat Evolve! What if you could save time in legal research, enhance the depth of your research, add rigour to your legal argument, and experience an unprecedented tactical advantage in litigation? Now you can, with Jutastat Evolve!

Where do I Find my juta.co.za password?

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