Can 777X fly with wings folded?

The aircraft’s design is intriguing: Folding wingtips will let the 777X fit at existing airport gates while still giving the wings the lift they need. The new Boeing 777X features wingtips that fold up.

Why does the 777X have folding wingtips?

The main reason for the wingtips’ mechanical folding feature is to allow the aircraft to land at more airports. Putting the 777X in group VI (with a wingspan of 214′ – 262′) would have given its operators the same headache as Hi Fly, and narrowed their choice of routes and airports significantly.

How long are the 777X wings?


Model 777-8 777-9
Length 229 ft 0 in (69.80 m) 251 ft 9 in (76.73 m)
Wingspan 235 ft 5 in (71.75 m), 212 ft 9 in (64.85 m) folded
Wing 5,562 sq ft (516.7 m2), 9.96 aspect ratio
Height 63 ft 11 in (19.48 m) 64 ft 7 in (19.68 m)

How many Boeing 777X have been ordered?

Jumbo Future: The Boeing 777X Has 320 Orders So Far – Simple Flying.

Why are there no winglets on a 777?

Why does the 777 not have winglets? One reason that the 777 does not feature such wingtip extensions is the operational limits these would place on the aircraft. The 777-200LR and -300ER variants of the aircraft have a wingspan of 64.8 meters. This would cause the aircraft to be classified under aerodrome code F.

Do winglets increase lift?

Winglets increase an aircraft’s operating efficiency by reducing what is called induced drag at the tips of the wings. This unequal pressure creates lift across the upper surface and the aircraft is able to leave the ground and fly.

Will the 777X be Cancelled?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sent a letter to Boeing saying that the manufacturer’s new 777X aircraft, currently in its testing phase, likely will not receive its certification until mid- to late-2023.

What is the oldest plane in the world still flying?

Boeing 747
The oldest active passenger configured Boeing 747 that is still flying today is about 42.89 years old as the delivery was taken on November 9th, 1977 by the Saudi Arabian Royal Flight. Since its first commercial flight in 1970, Boeing 747 has changed the nature of long-haul air travel.

Why are the wings of the Boeing 777X so big?

Boeing describes the wings of the 777X as having an ‘optimized span’. In plain English, this means that it’s bigger, and therefore more efficient. Folded out, the huge size of the 777X’s wings translates to a marked improvement in fuel burn, something which all airlines are always keen to achieve.

Where is the Boeing 777 upright build system?

The Fuselage Automated Upright Build (FAUB) system was developed and quietly tested in Anacortes, Washington, 40 miles north of the 777 Everett assembly plant. A major leap in automated production, it drills the tens of thousands of holes in the fuselage more quickly, accurately, and safely.

When is the first 777X going to be built?

The first 777X is expected to roll off the ex 787 ‘surge’ line in 2018. The -9 firm-configuration was reached in August 2015 and assembly of the initial aircraft will begin in 2017 for a December 2019 introduction advanced from the previously scheduled 2020.

When did Qatar Airways order the Boeing 777X?

Emirates finalized its order for 150 777X aircraft, consisting of 115 777-9s and 35 777-8s in July 2014. On July 16, Qatar Airways finalized its order for 50 777-9 aircraft, with purchase rights for 50 more 777-9s. On July 31, Japan’s All Nippon Airways finalized an order for 20 Boeing 777-9s.