How much is a Roos chest worth?

Plain Roos cedar chests generally sell in the $100 to $150 range, but this one is probably more in the $150 to $200 range.

How can I tell how old my cedar chest is?

How old is my cedar chest? Usually Lane cedar chests have serial numbers that are stamped or applied to the bottom of the chests. You can read the serial number BACKWARDS to determine the production date.

What is a Roos cedar chest?

The company that began in 1916 in Chicago as Edward Roos & Co., reorganized and moved to Forest Park in 1918 as Ed Roos Co. It made chests and claimed to be the largest chestmaker in the world. Lined with aromatic cedar wood, which repels moths, chests were used primarily to store blankets, linens and other fabric.

Are cedar chests valuable?

Online auction sites, antique shops and secondhand stores often sell Lane cedar chests — based on their age, condition or rarity — starting at $99 and as high as $700 or more for older chests. But most chests, on average, are valued between $200 and $400.

When did Lane stop making cedar chests?

The last Lane cedar chest to be manufactured in the United States rolled off the production line in the summer of 2001, and the plant closed for good.

What is my cedar chest worth?

Old Lane cedar chests sell from $100 to about $700 depending on the age, condition and whether the hardware is original. Most are worth about $200 to $400. Cedar chests made before 1987 have lids that automatically latch shut when closed, which poses a suffocation risk to children.

What should not be stored in a cedar chest?

Avoid plastic or paper bagging of your textiles. Remember that only certain plastics (Polypropylene, polyethylene or polyester) are safe to store items in a cedar chest.

Is there a market for cedar chests?

Are old cedar chests worth money?

When was the Roos sweetheart cedar chest made?

It was made in about 1942.There is a 3 year moth damage guarantee for 3 years; which is good until June 1, 1945 in the amount of $250.00. Style # 5001; Serial # L1988. It is made out of Red Cedar. We acquired this Hope Chest from a very sweet lady that was moving to Florida and couldn’t take any of her furniture with her.

How big is an Ed Roos cedar chest?

Vintage Ed Roos Forest Park Il Cedar Box Chest 19.25x10x9.75 Broke Lid Repair Antique Cedar Chest Ed Roos Company Forest Park Il. Hope Chest Trunk – $500.00

Where do you get a red cedar chest?

Antique ca.1930’s Ed Roos Cedar Chest Produced Antique ca.1930’s Ed Roos Cedar Chest Produced by Ed Roos Company Forest Park Illinois also known as E.R. Company Forest Park 1920-1950, closed in 1951. Red Cedar Chest. Tennessee Red Cedar Co. Red Cedar Chest. Tennessee Red Cedar Co. 14″H, 40″W, 19″D

Who are the manufacturers of antique cedar chests?

The Lane Furniture Company and the Ed Roos Company of Forest Park. Both of whom produced their designs in bulk, and both still having some rare designs that carry value among collectors today.