What was Piccolo power level when he fought Frieza?

When he finally fights Frieza he has a power level of about 1,000,000. Now if you take the fact that Nail’s power level at the time of fighting Frieza was 42,000 this means that means Piccolo’s power level before fusing is roughly at about 950,000.

Is Piccolo stronger than Frieza?

17 Weaker: Piccolo Piccolo actually looked like he would be able to defeat Frieza after fusing with Nail. He was easily beating Frieza, who had already transformed once. Frieza revealed his third form which not only closed the gap but made him stronger again. Piccolo’s power boost lasted only for a short while.

What is Frieza first form power level?

Frieza states that in his first form his maximum power is 530,000. Frieza’s suppressed power was more than a match for the four fighters, moving so fast that they couldn’t see his movements. Frieza was able to easily defeat Vegeta who had received a massive power boost after being healed by Dende.

What is Piccolo’s strongest form?

Also called Exploding Wave. Special Beam Cannon – Piccolo’s most powerful, but time-consuming, attack, which drills through nearly everything and every being. This was first used when Piccolo fought alongside Goku during their battle with Raditz.

What is whis power level?

In terms of power, Goku as a Super Saiyan God would be a 6, Beerus would be a 10, and Whis would be a 15, according to Akira Toriyama.

How is piccolo stronger if he fused with Kami?

So if he fused with Kami, it would have all been over for Frieza. And don’t forget: Piccolo fused with Kami is much stronger than Goku or Vegeta ever was when they first became Super Saiyans. Which is why Vegeta was shocked when he witnessed Piccolo’s new found power.

What are the power levels of King Piccolo?

King Piccolo Saga 1 King Piccolo (old): 200 King Piccolo (young): 260 2 Tambourine: 150 3 Cymbal: 120 4 Drum: 200 5 Goku: 180 Goku (ultra divine water): 270 6 Tien Shinhan: 180 7 Mr. Popo: 300 8 Kami: 400

Can you beat Frieza if he fused with Kami?

No. What almost every answer here forgets to mention, is that Picollo on Namek was much, much weaker than when he fused with Kami, against Cell. On Namek his power level was somewhat over 1 million. Frieza’s full power was several tens of millions, possibly even over hundred.

How did Frieza beat Goku in Namek?

Frieza on Namek was a monster beyond wildest imagination. He was constantly beaten up, tanked Goku’s full power Kaioken, Genkidama/Spirut Bomb and even after receiving all that damage, he was able to fight for a long period time against a legendary Super Saiyan. And mind you, he was later surpassed by everyone.