What is the cost of 8GB memory card for mobile?

8 GB Memory Card Price In India

Best 8 GB Memory Card Price In India Models Price
MMCards 8GB MicroSDHC Memory Card ₹250
Morsim 8GB MicroSD Class 6 (48MB/s) Memory Card ₹304
Strontium SRL8GTFU1 8GB Class 10 MicroSDHC Memory Card ₹225
Transcend TS8GUSDHC4 8GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Memory Card ₹399

What is the price of 16 GB memory card in Pakistan?

Specifications for Micro SD Memory Card (16 GB)

General Specs
Price 699 Price in Pakistani Rupees

What is the price of 32GB SD card in Pakistan?

32Gb Memory Card Price List

Samsung MicroSDHC PRO+ Memory Card w/ Adapter – 32GB Rs. 10,599
Sony SF-G Tough Series UHS-II SD Memory Card – 32GB Rs. 15,799
SanDisk Extreme SDHC / SDXC UHS-I Memory Card – 32GB Rs. 18,799
Sony XQD G Series Memory Card – 32GB Rs. 20,999
SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash Memory Card – 32GB Rs. 30,999

How do I choose a memory card for my phone?

If you’re looking for a microSD to expand your smartphone’s storage, you want a card with that’s at least a Class 10, but preferably a UHS 1 or UHS 3. For running apps — and not just storing files — a UHS 3 card is best. Anything slower will reduce the performance of that app.

What is the price of 64 GB memory card in Pakistan?

64GB Memory Card Price List – January 2021

Product Name Price
Kingston Micro Sd 64gb Memory Card Rs. 3,300
Kingston 64gb Microsdxc Memory Card Adapter Rs. 1,700
Sandisk 64gb Ultra Microsdhc Memory Card Rs. 8,999
Lexar 64gb Microsdxc Memory Card Lsdmi64gb1nl300a Rs. 1,600