How does a modular synthesizer connect its components together?

Modular synthesizers are synthesizers composed of separate modules of different functions. The modules can be connected together with patch cords, a matrix patching system, or switches by the user to create a patch.

How do I start Modular?

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How many HP is mother 32?

60 HP

What is Behringer neutron based on?

The Neutron features two similar oscillators based around the V3340 VCO chip. This is a recreation of the famed CEM3340 found in a host of classic synths (see boxout). Both oscillators have a similar set of controls. The Range button switches between three different octaves.

How many HP is Neutron?

Anyone know for for certain the hp of the Neutron, modular grid says 84 but the video linked below suggests it’s 80, given it’s sitting in a rackbrute which I think is 88 wide.

How many HP is Behringer neutron?

80 HP