Is SAR B6 a good gun?

If plastic is your thing, but Glock is not, try out the EAA SAR B6 9mm. “This is a great little 9mm CZ type pistol for the price. Shoots accurately and reliably after firing 75 rounds through it so far….EAA SAR B6 Semiautomatic 9mm, Score: 5 Bullets.

Frame Black polymer

Are SAR pistols any good?

The new SAR 9 is a quality-built, smooth-shooting, striker-fired pistol that’s well worth a look. While I’ve seen a few shotguns coming from there that were a bit sketchy, every Turkish-made pistol I’ve tested in the last five years has been as well-made and reliable as most American-made pistols I’ve tested.

Who makes SAR B6P?

Sarsılmaz Arms

Sarsilmaz Düzce factory building
Type S.A. (corporation)
Products pistols and firearms
Subsidiaries SAR USA

What is a SAR B6P?

SAR B6P Semi Auto Pistol- Sarsilmaz. The SARARMS SRB6P Semi Auto Pistol is a modern reproduction with improvements on the world famous CZ75* design.

Where are SAR pistols manufactured?

Made in Sarsilmaz’s state-of-the-art facility in Beköy Beldesi-Düzce, the SAR 9 is the pistol Glock would make – gasp – were Glock listening to the American market. The SAR 9 is a full-sized, polymerframed, striker-fired pistol that’s chambered in 9mm and is expertly engineered.

Are SAR 9mm good?

The SAR 9 9mm pistol illustrated has come together with good features, making it among the most desirable handguns on the market based on reliability, usefulness and economy. The pistol isn’t cheap, but it is affordable compared to the GLOCK, HK and Walther. Yet it gives up little to these pistols in performance.

Where is SAR guns made?

What does SAR stand for in firearms?

SAR. Semi-Automatic Rifle (weapon)

What handgun does the Turkish military use?


Model Caliber Details
USP9 9×19mm Parabellum Standard sidearm of Special Forces Command
M1911 .45 ACP Turkish made variant by GİRSAN. Used by Special Forces Command.
SIG Sauer P226 .40 S&W In limited use by Special Forces Command
P229 .40 S&W P229R variant used by Special Forces Command.

Is the SAR 9x a good gun?

Is SAR 9 a Glock?

The SAR9 is a polymer framed pistol that was supposedly designed from the ground up to be better than the Glock. So make a Glock, and in fact, make it better than a Glock.” On top of all this, the pistol was to be made to surpass the requirements of NATO testing.

What kind of gun is the SAR arms B6P?

The tear down on this gun is pretty simple as well! Bottom line: Buy a B6P for your bug out bag, daily carry, or your buried cache – its a perfect gun for both of those uses. Florida Gun Supply has the Sar Arms B6P ON SALE at a great price!

Which is the best 9mm from SAR arms?

SAR ARMS B6P 9MM: BEST “BANG” FOR YOUR BUCK. Pun intended. The B6P 9mm is reliable, accurate, light weight and very affordable. The CZ-75 has an MSRP of $499 where as the SAR Arms B6P 9mm is $386 (available from us for $322).

Where does SAR arms get their guns from?

Sar Arms is a company out of Turkey, but its imported from a company called EAA from Rockledge, Florida. EAA imports quite a few guns – all of which are the highest quality. The Sar B6P is very similar to a CZ75 gun – which is a great design.

Is the EAA SAR B6 a duty weapon?

Passing torture tests with flying colors, the EAA SAR B6 is right at home as a duty, carry or home-defense weapon. It fires double/single action and holds 16 rounds. You can carry it cocked and locked. The EAA SAR B6 does not have a decocker, nor ambidextrous controls—so lefties tread carefully.