Does the Silver Cross Wave recline?

It has 3 recline positions, including lying flat. We had a forward-facing pram for her when she was a baby, but we haven’t tried one since, so it was a real novelty to push her facing me, and an enjoyable one. When used in single mode the seat unit can carry a child up to 25kg in weight.

How much does the Silver Cross Wayfarer weight?

Dimensions & Weight

Weight note chassis 6.5kg, body 3.5kg, carrycot 3.5kg
Dimensions H:100cm–107cm W:53.5cm L:94cm
Dimensions (folded) H:33.5cm W:53.5cm L:84cm

Can you turn a Silver Cross Wayfarer into a double?

No, The Wave and the Coast are the only Silver Cross travel systems which are designed to carry a second child, unfortunately components from other Silver Cross travel systems are not interchangeable nor compatible with the Wave or Coast chassis.

Do Silver Cross prams fold down?

It folds down to 86cm by 60cm by 34cm and you can take the wheels off to make it even smaller.

How do you open a Silver Cross 3D Pram?

Pull the handle on the main lock, and push on the pushchair handle. The 3D will begin to fold Tilt forward onto the front wheels and push down on the handles.

How to fold Silver Cross 3D travel system?

To fold make sure the front wheels are fixed so they can’t swivel. Put on the brake. Lift the two dark grey catches on the handle towards you so it clicks, then pull on the red handle toward the bottom of the pram at the back. You really need to pull and push it.

How much does Silver Cross 3D pram system cost?

The Silver Cross 3D Pram System costs £300 and the car seat to turn it into a travel system, Ventura Plus, is £115. Silver Cross has been transporting babies around in style since 1887, and the 3D Pram System travel system offers all the comforts you’d expect from such an established brand, along with a modern style.

Where can I find a silver cross instruction manual?

Instruction manuals for Silver Cross products are available as downloadable pdf files by clicking on the individual links below. If you have an older silver cross model and require instructions, please contact us for a manual. If you are unable to display a PDF file then it could be because you do not have adobe reader installed on your computer.

Can a Silver Cross pram be used as a pushchair?

We all want less clutter in our lives, and the Silver Cross 3D Pram System travel system goes some way in helping, as it can be used as a parent-facing pram and a forward-facing pushchair, without the need for a separate bulky carrycot.