How do you cite a patent on a resume?

Just list it as a single bullet point either under accomplishments, where you include the name of the company that owns the patent, or under the job where you worked when the patent was applied for.

How do you cite a patent?

List the owner of the patent in the Author slot, the title of the patent or a description in the Title of source slot, the number of the patent, the name of the agency issuing the patent in the Publisher slot, and the date of issue in the Publication date slot: Neustel, Michael S.

How do I pay for a provisional patent?

Payment by check or money order must be made payable to “Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.” The provisional application papers (written description and drawings), filing fee and cover sheet can be filed electronically using EFS-Web or filed by mail.

How do you cite a patent in IEEE format?

Citation Format Author, “Title of patent,” U.S. Patent x xxx xxx, Abbrev. Month, day, year. NOTE: Use “issued date” if several dates are given.

What is the symbol for patent?

The circle R symbol (®) means that a mark is federally registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, either on the Principal Register or Supplemental Register.

Do I have to put my patent number on my product?

Not if you don’t want to. Product marking is not compulsory in Australia, and intellectual property owners are not legally penalised (as they are, for example, in the United States in relation to damages) if they do not do so. However, there are legal and practical benefits of product marking.

How do you read a patent document?

How to Read a Patent Application in Four StepsSkip the abstract. Patent abstracts are hard to read–meandering at best, and deliberately vague at worst. Think through the drawings. The drawings in a patent application can assist in the understanding of an invention. Read the specification. The specification is the meat of the patent. Read the claims with caution.

What is the fastest way to read a patent?

How to Read a Patent QuicklySkip the title since it can be vague. Also some titles, like “Wireless Camera,” might only apply to specific features and not the entire camera or it may point to an improvement on a prior invention.Skip the drawings. Skip the abstract and the specification. Read the independent claims.

Where can I read patents?

Patents may be searched using the following resources: USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database (PatFT) USPTO Patent Application Full-Text and Image Database (AppFT)…Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRCs)Visit the Patent and Trademark Resource Center Program.Find your nearest PTRC.7 Steps to Searching at a PTRC.

How do I get a US patent?

How to File a Patent in X StepsSearch the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Find a patent attorney. Determine what type of patent you need. File a provisional patent application. Become a Registered eFiler. Gather information for your formal application. Complete and review your formal application.