Do you need to pay SSAF?

You must pay your SSAF in full to have this encumbrance lifted. Once you have paid you don’t need to do anything.

How much is the SSAF fee?

2021 Fee rates and due dates The SSAF applies to all UTS students and is levied for both Autumn and Spring sessions for all domestic and international students. The fee will be charged per session at: $156.50 for full-time students (FT – 18 credit points and above, or a study load of 0.375 EFTSL and above)

What is an SSAF?

When you attend a university or higher education provider they charge you a fee each year called the student services and amenities fee (SSAF). This fee is to cover things at your campus like child care, food services, financial advice, sporting and recreational activities or employment and career advice.

Can you defer SSAF?

Eligible students may be able to defer all or part of their SSAF through SA-HELP. You will need to pay the SSAF each semester by the due date.

Is CSP the same as HECS?

A CSP is a subsidised higher education enrolment. CSPs are only available to domestic students. If you are eligible, you can choose to use a HECS-HELP loan to pay your student contributions.

What is Incurral date?

The incurral date is the last day that you can apply for SA-HELP and is the date after which you are deemed to have incurred the debt.

Is SA-help the same as HECS?

Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)—Australian Government loans that help eligible students pay their student contributions (HECS-HELP), tuition fees (FEE-HELP or VET FEE-HELP/VET Student Loans), overseas study expenses (OS-HELP) or the student services and amenities fee (SA-HELP).

How much is SSAF fee western Sydney?

You will be charged a SSAF fee of $101 per term.

What is SAF FEE?

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is used directly to fund a range of projects, essential services and activities which support students and enhance their university experience.

How do I defer utas fees?

To defer your SSAF to your HELP loan:

  1. Log into eStudent, navigate to the ‘MyStudy’ tab, and select ‘Manage my Course’ for your course;
  2. Select the ‘Government Assistance’ option on the left and click the ‘Add’ button;
  3. Select ‘Request for SA-HELP Assistance’.
  4. Carefully read the instructions, complete, and click ‘Submit’.

How do I defer SSAF MQ?

To defer the SSAF, eligible students must complete a separate ‘Request for SA-HELP Assistance’ form by the relevant census date. A HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP form does not cover the deferral of the SSAF.

How is SSAF calculated at Western Sydney University?

Your SSAF is calculated on the units you have been studying for each teaching session. If you drop a unit before the census date of a teaching session it will not be included in calculating your SSAF.

When is the incurral date for UNSW SSAF?

UNSW has determined the following dates where the SSAF is payable and/or where the SSAF debt isincurred: The incurral date is the date in which the debt is incurred. There is no capacity under HESA 2003 to remit a SA-HELP debt incurred.

How is student services and Amenities Fee ( SSAF ) calculated?

Your Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds student life at RMIT outside of the classroom. What does that mean? Your SSAF is calculated by your individual study load at RMIT. You may be eligible for an SA-HELP loan to cover all or part of your payment.

What can SSAF funding be used for on campus?

SSAF funding can also be used through the SSAF Grant Program, which funds ad-hoc projects that support student-focussed initiatives or contribute to meeting the needs of our diverse student population. Highlights from 2018 include: