What is norm-referenced and criterion-referenced test?

Norm-referenced tests make comparisons between individuals, and criterion-referenced tests measure a test taker’s performance compared to a specific set of standards or criteria.

What is a criterion-referenced test SLP?

Criterion-referenced tests are standardized tests that measure an individual’s performance against a set of predetermined criteria or performance standards (e.g., descriptions of what an individual is expected to know or be able to do at a specific stage of development or level of education).

What is another name of criterion-referenced test?

standards-based assessments
Because of this common misunderstanding, criterion-referenced tests have also been called standards-based assessments by some education agencies, as students are assessed with regards to standards that define what they “should” know, as defined by the state.

What are the similarities and differences between norm referenced and criterion-referenced tests?

Norm-Referenced tests measure the performance of one group of test takers against another group of test takers. Criterion-Reference tests measure the performance of test takers against the criteria covered in the curriculum. To measure how much a test taker knows compared to another student.

What are the features of a criterion-referenced test?

Characteristics of the Criterion Reference Test

  • Authority.
  • Consistency.
  • Practically.
  • Subject Mastery.
  • Managed Locally.

Can a test be both norm-referenced and criterion referenced?

norm-referenced. The difference is actually in the scores—and some tests can provide both criterion-referenced results and norm-referenced results!

Can criterion referenced tests be non standardized?

2 Criterion-Referenced Measurement This is also a form of non-standardized testing. The criterion-referenced measurements are used to measure learning for a particular student. This way the teacher can document whether or not learning is taking place.

What is the difference between a standardized test and a criterion referenced test?

With criterion-referenced tests, each person’s performance is compared directly to the standard, without considering how other students perform on the test. Criterion-referenced tests often use “cut scores” to place students into categories such as “basic,” “proficient,” and “advanced.”

What are the features of a criterion referenced test?