How do I contact the South African Embassy?

United States of America: South African Embassy

  2. 3400 International Drive, NW, Washington DC 20008, USA.
  3. 001 202 2324400.
  4. 001 202 2651607. 001 202 3879854.
  5. National Government Directory: Representatives of the Republic of South Africa Abroad.

Does South Africa have an embassy in America?

The Embassy of South Africa in Washington, DC is proud to have assisted nearly one thousand South Africans to return home on our repatriation flights.

Who is the South African ambassador to the US?

Ms NC Mfeketo

Country Mission Head of Mission
USA Washington H E Ms NC Mfeketo Ambassador to the United States of America
Chicago Ms PP Mazibuko Consul-General
Los Angeles Ms T B Sunduza Consul-General
New York Mr M Tawana Consul-General

How do I renew my South African passport in the USA?

See a list of what is required below.

  1. BI-73 application form completed and signed.
  2. BI-9 form.
  3. BI-529 form (Determination of citizenship).
  4. Divorce and marriage certificates.
  5. Notarized copy of your current South African passport.
  6. Notarized copy of your birth certificate or South African identity book.
  7. Four passport photos.

How many embassy are there in South Africa?

196 foreign
There are 196 foreign Embassies and Consulates in South Africa. You may contact yours by clicking on the highlighted letters.

Do I need a visa for South Africa?

Requirements for entering South Africa All visitors need a passport to enter South Africa. Unless you come from a visa-exempt country it is also necessary to present a visa. At the moment, visitors who require a visa must apply at a South African embassy or consulate in person and provide biometric data.

How long does a US visa take in South Africa?

A visa can take 5 to 15 working days from application to approval. We do however recommend that you apply for your visa as soon as possible to allow for any unforeseen circumstances such as needing to supply additional paperwork or an application refusal.

How much is a South African passport 2020?

Regular passports $33. 00 Minimum 6 months
Lost, stolen or damaged passports $66.00 Minimum 6 months
Child passports $33.00 Minimum 6 months
Emergency Travel Certificates $12.00

Where is the Embassy of South Africa located?

The Embassy of South Africa is responsible for the states of Alabama, District of Colombia, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

What is the mission of the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia?

The mission of the United States Embassy is to advance the interests of the United States, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens in Saudi Arabia .

Where to get consular information in South Africa?

For general enquiries: [email protected] For the Department of Home Affair’s statement and update: Get information on applying for South African visas, passports and other civic services.

What is the mission of the US Embassy?

The mission of the United States Embassy is to advance the interests of the United States, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens.