Why is Brent Cross called Brent Cross?

The Neeld family donated land in Park Road for Hendon Cottage Hospital (1913 – 1987). An underground station, Brent, opened in 1923, and the area became commonly known as Brent. The flyover built in 1965 on the North Circular Road, took the name of the earlier crossroads ‘Brent Cross’.

What area is Brent Cross?

London Borough of Barnet
Brent Cross is an area of north London, in the London Borough of Barnet. It is located near the A41 Brent Cross Flyover over the A406 North Circular Road. Brent Cross is best known for its shopping centre and the proposed Brent Cross Cricklewood development.

Who owned Brent Cross?

Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Centre complex as seen (from the John Lewis end) from the parking area
Opening date 2 March 1976
Owner Hammerson and Abrdn
Architect BDP
Total retail floor area 910,000 sq ft (85,000 m2) (internal)

When was Tesco Brent Cross built?

Brent Cross was the first large enclosed shopping centre to be built in the UK and it set a new standard for destination shopping. When it first opened in 1976, everyone was sure it wouldn’t last! And the idea of opening until 8pm weeknights was truly revolutionary.

What shops are there in Brent Cross?

Brent Cross Centre Shops

  • Boots Opticians. Opticians. Brent Cross Centre NW4 3FB.
  • Fenwick. Department Stores. Brent Cross Centre NW4 3FB.
  • H & M. Fashion Shops.
  • John Lewis. Department Stores.
  • Marks & Spencer. Department Stores.
  • Waitrose. Supermarkets.
  • Accessorize. Fashion Accessories.
  • Claire’s Accessories. Fashion Accessories.

Is WH Smith open in Brent Cross?

The store looks forward to serving the patrons of Childs Hill, Hendon Central, West Hendon, Cricklewood, Brent Cross, Temple Fortune, North Cricklewood and Hendon. Today (Sunday), hours of business begin at 12:00 pm and end at 6:00 pm.

Which is the main road in Brent Cross?

The area around Brent Cross is a major place for road traffic, with the A41 Hendon Way/Watford Way flyover over the A406 North Circular Road, and the M1 motorway and A5 Edgware Road at Staples Corner to the west.

Is there going to be a new Brent Cross station?

The platforms at Cricklewood cannot accommodate longer 12-car trains, but the new Brent Cross will be able to accommodate the longer trains. Rumours that Cricklewood station would close when the new station opened have been refuted by the development company.

What kind of stores are in Brent Cross?

Shop SHOP Brent Cross is North West London’s premier shopping destination and home to over 2,000 leading and designer brands and 120 stylish stores including Fenwick and John Lewis.

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