How do we create Nurbs surface Extrude tool function?

1. icon or choose the Tools > Surfaces > Extrude > Extrude menu command. Hold down the Ctrl key as you select the tool to extrude a single object. The Console prompts: Pick surface edges or objects to extrude.

What is an Isoparm?

Isoparms are used in Cinema to display the base mesh, but also showing SDS curvature. The advantage is that it’s a lot clearer to look at those while wrangling a model’s structure than it is to view the subdivided polygons.

How do you add an Isoparm in Maya?

Begin by selecting the surface. Then switch to Component Select mode and turn on select isoparms. Click on an existing isoparm on the surface and drag a duplicate of it to the location you would like the new isoparm to be. Select the Insert Isoparms menu item and the duplicate has now become an isoparm of surface.

How do I smooth a Maya model?

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