Where is the city of Eupen in Belgium?

Eupen ( German ( pronounced [ˈʔɔʏpn̩]) and French ( pronounced [øpɛn] ), previously known as Néau in French, is a city and municipality in the Belgian province of Liège, 15 kilometres (9 miles) from the German border ( Aachen ), from the Dutch border ( Maastricht) and from the ” High Fens ” nature reserve ( Ardennes ).

What kind of religion is in Eupen Belgium?

Eupen is considered in Belgium to be a Roman Catholic region with strongly conservative views. Map of Belgium in 1843: Eupen and the East Cantons were then German. Eupen and the St. Nikolaus Chapel were first mentioned in 1213 as part of the Duchy of Limburg.

When was Eupen transferred from Germany to Belgium?

In 1919, after the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles transferred Eupen and the nearby municipality of Malmedy from Germany to Belgium. German remains the official language in Eupen, and the city serves as the capital for Belgium’s German-speaking Community.

What is the climate like in Eupen Belgium?

Eupen has a cool oceanic climate with some continental influences due to it being elevated in comparison to most of Belgium. Eupen is also wetter and cloudier than Liège in the valley to the west, as a result of orographic lift due to the elevation change.

Where does Eupen football club play their home games?

K.A.S. Eupen, founded in 1945, is the city’s main association football club and play at the 8,000-capacity Kehrweg Stadion. In 2010, after winning a play-off, the side became the first club from the German-speaking Community to reach the country’s top flight, then known as the Belgian Pro League.

When did the city of Eupen merge with Kettenis?

In 1949, the left tower of the St Nikolaus Church burnt down. The city centre was affected by flooding in 1953. Eupen merged with the municipality of Kettenis in 1976, amidst protest from that town. In 1980, following a state reform ten years earlier, the German-Speaking Community of Belgium was established and Eupen was named as its capital.