What is a WCDMA network?

WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) UMTS standard for 3G digital mobile networks, using CDMA technology. It is the evolution path for GSM and EDGE to UMTS and offers increased voice capacity and theoretical peak data speeds of up to 2 Mbps.

How does WCDMA work?

(Wideband CDMA) A 3G cellular technology that uses the CDMA air interface. WCDMA works on WCDMA cellphones as well as laptops and portable devices with WCDMA modems. Falling under both the UMTS and IMT-2000 umbrellas, WCDMA enables GSM carriers to provide a higher data rate than the EDGE network.

Where is WCDMA used?

Currently, WCDMA networks are deployed in UMTS band of around 2 GHz in Europe and Asia, including Japan and America Korea. WCDMA is deployed in the 850 and 1900 of the existing frequency allocations and the new 3G band 1700/2100 should be available in the near future.

Which is better GSM or WCDMA?

The efficiency and speed are better in WCDMA due to the technology used in the network and the coding channel separating the data columns in the system. This helps to manage the communication channel well in the network and the communication is done faster than GSM. The efficiency and speed are less in GSM.

Is UMTS and WCDMA same?

Following are the key differences between UMTS vs WCDMA: Though both are developed for mobile communications in the 3G network, UMTS is developed for 3G networks alone, whereas WCDMA is developed for 3G networks and 3G+ networks. When we consider WCDMA, it is based on GSM to make the coverage for 2G and 3G.

What carrier uses WCDMA?

WCDMA was the 3G technology used in the US by AT and T-Mobile. There are several newer upgrades to WCDMA that offer much faster data speeds, such as HSDPA and HSPA+.

What is WCDMA GSM?

WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiplexing Access) and GSM are two technologies that are used in mobile telecommunications. The difference between these two is that GSM is a 2G technology and WCDMA is a part of the newer 3G group of technologies.

What is the WCDMA network?

WCDMA stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access. It is one of the main systems used for third generation, or 3G, mobile communication networks. The term is often used interchangeably with UMTS, which stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems.

What is WCDMA Band?

WCDMA stands for wide band code division multiple access. This is one of the radio access technologies in the UMTS network which is widely known as 3G.