What is a diversion juvenile justice?

Juvenile diversion programs allow youths who commit offenses to be directed away from more formal juvenile justice system involvement (Bynum and Thompson 1996). In these cases, youths are diverted away from detention or incarceration, but are still formally processed (Models for Change 2011).

What are diversion programs in the criminal justice system?

A diversion program, also known as a pretrial diversion program or pretrial intervention program, in the criminal justice system is a form of pretrial sentencing in which a criminal offender joins a rehabilitation program to help remedy the behavior leading to the original arrest, allow the offender to avoid conviction …

What are the five major goals of diversion?

The potential goals for diversion programs are many, and could include:

  • reducing youth recidivism;
  • providing treatment or other services needed by youths and their families;
  • improving outcomes for youths;
  • assuring youths are held accountable for their actions;
  • protecting the community;
  • addressing the victim’s needs;

Which are the two main kinds of diversion programs?

There are two general types of diversion programs: informal and formal.

What is the difference between diversion and intervention?

Diversion program – refers to the program that the CICL is required to undergo after she/he is found responsible for an offense without resorting to formal court proceedings. Intervention – refers to a series of activities which are designed to address issues that caused the child to commit an offense.

Where are the stages of diversion program conducted?

Stages Where Diversion May be Conducted. – Diversion may be conducted at the Katarungang Pambarangay, the police investigation or the inquest or preliminary investigation stage and at all 1evels and phases of the proceedings including judicial level.

What are some diversion programs?

Diversion is a program that has been created by the state legislature and signed into law. It identifies crimes and offender characteristics that will enable the defendant to enter the program. Under some diversion systems, defendants are “diverted” to counseling early in the proceedings.

What are the disadvantages of juvenile delinquency?

Disadvantages Of Juvenile Delinquency Most juveniles never realize how long their lives really could be until watching life pass by behind dirty, rusty bars and hearing the creaking of a closing door slam for the last time due to juvenile delinquency.

What are juvenile prevention programs?

Prevention Programs. Prevention programs are designed to reduce juvenile crime and protect public safety. Prevention programs, administered by local providers throughout the state, target high-risk juveniles and those who exhibit problem behaviors such as ungovernability, truancy, running away from home and other pre-delinquent behaviors.

What is the primary goal of juvenile courts?

The primary goals of the juvenile justice system, in addition to maintaining public safety, are skill development, habilitation, rehabilitation, addressing treatment needs, and successful reintegration of youth into the community.