Why is Ryoga mad at Ranma?

Early in the manga, even Akane clearly noticed his feelings when Shampoo’s “remote-control acupressure” made her charm Ryoga, making him overjoyed and relentlessly persistent. This ultimately terrified her when she realized that his overwhelming casual power might kill her through a simple hug.

Who does Ryoga end up with Ranma?

At the end of the series, Ryoga, while now more serious about Akari, still has residual feelings for Akane. However he did not deliberately try to sabotage Ranma and Akane’s wedding unlike the rest of the rivals and suitors when they appeared.

How old is Ryoga Hibiki?

In Character Information Name : Ryoga Hibiki Age : 17 Birthday :…: walk_500_miles — LiveJournal.

Does Akane ever find out ryoga is P Chan?

Ranma catches up to Akane and finds her shocked at what happened. Ranma thinks she must have poured hot water on P-chan and found out that he was actually Ryoga. Akane explains that when she tried to wash P-chan with the hot water, he latched onto the kettle and drank it all.

Does Ranma and Akane get married?

In the battle for Mount Phoenix, Ranma confesses his love and feelings for Akane when he thinks she’s about to die. After the battle from Mount Phoenix, Ranma and Akane were going to marry each other. Unfortunately, their wedding got interrupted by Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi, Kuno and etc.

Does Akane ever figure out that ryoga is P Chan?

Does Akane marry ryoga?

Mirror Travels The trio observe a bizarre future where Ryoga has married Akane. In a flash of green-blue light, they find themselves standing in a much more run-down version of the kitchen, and hearing a female voice, they run out the door for cover.

Who is Ryoga Hibiki and who is Ranma Saotome?

Hibiki Ryōga?) is Ranma Saotome ‘s eternal rival and a friend to him, the only one he has outright stated to truly consider as such, arguably the tritagonist, and one of the most powerful fighters in the series.

What happens when Ryoga and Ranma fight again?

With Ryoga finally back, the pair quickly begin their rematch. Ranma and Ryoga finds themselves evenly matched, despite Ryoga chaining himself Ranma so that he can’t “run away” again. The fight soon leaves the school grounds and heads over to a local park, during which time Ryoga learns of Ranma’s curse.

What kind of form does Ryoga Hibiki take?

That said, while he is often used by Ranma, he’s not above manipulating himself, albeit somewhat unknowingly. This is usually done in his P-Chan form.

What does Ryoga look like in his P-Chan form?

In his P-chan form, Ryoga’s clothes can be seen falling off when he got washed up by cold water in various occasions in every episode. He appears as a small black pig as his yellow and speckled bandanna on his head becomes his collar.