What is masking effect in flash?

Masking is a way for you to control the content that your audience sees. For example, you can make a circular mask and allow your audience to only see through the circular area, so that you get a keyhole or spotlight effect. In Flash, you put a mask on one layer and the content that is masked in a layer below it.

How do you create a mask animation in Flash?

Select or create a layer containing the objects to appear inside the mask. Select Insert > Timeline > Layer to create a new layer above it. A mask layer always masks the layer immediately below it; create the mask layer in the proper place. Place a filled shape, text, or an instance of a symbol on the mask layer.

What is masking write the steps to create masking by taking any example?

Add layer masks

  1. Make sure that no part of your image is selected. Choose Select > Deselect.
  2. In the Layers panel, select the layer or group.
  3. Do one of the following: To create a mask that reveals the entire layer, click the Add Layer Mask button in the Layers panel, or choose Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All.

What is masking in animate?

Masking is a simple way to reveal portions of the layer or layers below it selectively. By adding tweening to either or both the mask layer and the masked layers, you can go beyond simple, static peepholes and create masks that move, change shape, and reveal moving images. …

What is masking effect in computer?

A large-amplitude stimulus often makes us less sensitive to smaller stimuli of a similar nature. This is called a masking effect.

Can you mask in Adobe animate?

In Adobe Animate, you can set a layer to mask the layer beneath it. The mask layer can be animated to create a reveal. So an object completely covered by a mask will be completely visible.

What is text masking in flash?

Flash features a special type of layer, known as a mask, and its contents are used to selectively reveal (or hide) artwork or animation on another layer. Mask layers aren’t supported when your publish target is HTML. For new files, the Mask option will be disabled for Layers on the timeline.

What is masking in 2D animation?

About mask layers For spotlight effects and transitions, use a mask layer to create a hole through which underlying layers are visible. A mask item can be a filled shape, a type object, an instance of a graphic symbol, or a movie clip. Group multiple layers under a single mask layer to create sophisticated effects.

What do you understand by masking?

noun. the act or practice of masking. psychol the process by which a stimulus (usually visual or auditory) is obscured by the presence of another almost simultaneous stimulus.

What do you mean by flash masking in Photoshop?

Masking is revealing portion of your picture or graphic in the layer below. While surfing through net you might have come across lots of beautiful Flash effects such as ripple effect , some wording with sky background or glitter bordering an object, and wondered “How? What is the logic behind this”.

What can a layer mask do in Flash 8?

A Flash 8 mask layer can be used to hide some portions of a layer underneath it, revealing only select areas. It’s pretty simple and easy to learn, but there are a number of different, creative ways to make use of a mask in flash. Part 1: Working with Flash 8 Masking – What is a Layer Mask?

Can a semi transparent mask be used in Flash?

Flash does not recognize different Alpha levels in a mask created on a timeline, so a semi-transparent fill in the Mask layer has the same effect as an opaque fill, and edges will always be hard-edged. However, with ActionScript you can dynamically create masks that will allow transparencies.

Which is the best example of Flash animation?

Examples from senocular.com: tvstatic directionalmotionblur twoturningdials dissolvetransition draw-3d-grid masking Examples: masking.zip masking1Show a crude spotlight effect with a mask layer. masking2Another crude spotlight effect. device-with-textSimulate scrolling text on a handheld device. piano-keys Examples: piano-keys.zip