How do I boost my CV in lockdown?

Make the most of the opportunity by doing the following 6 things:Work on your CV itself. The simplest and easiest way to boost your CV is to start with it! Take on an opportunity. Do some training. Sign-up for online events and webinars. Use your skills volunteering. Contribute to the discussion.

How do you highlight keywords on a resume?

Tips for Using Keywords in Your ResumeBe specific. Include keywords that are as closely related to the specific job as possible. Know the company’s value proposition. Use as many keywords as possible. Mix up the keywords. Put the keywords everywhere. Related: Best Resume Writing Services.

What keywords are employers looking for?

Keywords for Your Work History:Current job title. Your current job titles are also important keywords. Current employer. If you are currently employed, include the name of your current employer (unless you are in a confidential search).Former job titles. Former employers. Volunteering.

What are buzzwords examples?

Buzzwords often originate in jargon, acronyms, or neologisms. Examples of overworked business buzzwords include synergy, vertical, dynamic, cyber and strategy. A common buzzword phrase is “think outside the box”.