Which is the most rare Bugatti in the world?

Model: Type 57SC Atlantic French automaker Bugatti built roughly 800 Type 57s from 1934 to 1940, making the model its most popular. Ironically, one variant — the Type 57 Atlantic Coupe — is among the rarest and most valuable automobiles in the world.

Who was the owner of the Bugatti Atlantic?

Tragically, both Holzschuh and his wife died during World War II, and in the postwar years the Bugatti Atlantic Coupe had several owners before landing with Bugatti collector René Chatard in 1952.

What kind of cars did Jean Bugatti make?

His body designs complemented his father’s engineering skill, making Bugatti one of the greatest names in automobile manufacturing. Additionally, Jean Bugatti designed four bodies for the Type 57, the Ventoux, Stelvio, Atalante and Atlantic models.

Why was the Bugatti factory in Molsheim chosen?

The value of an automotive brand lies not just in its technical and stylistic finesse, but also in its tradition. That was why it was an obvious choice to revive the Bugatti brand in Molsheim, the original location of Ettore Bugatti’s legendary factory. This is where your unique Molsheim journey begins.

When did Andy Wallace hit 300mph in Bugatti?

Top Gear can exclusively reveal that Bugatti has smashed through the 300mph barrier. On 2 August 2019, Andy Wallace hit a vmax of 304.77mph in a pre-producti…

When did Jean Bugatti die in a crash?

The August 1939 death of Jean Bugatti in a testing crash (behind the wheel of a Bugatti Type 57C “Tank”) had a massive impact on the automaker, left nearly rudderless at a time when the company’s future hinged on every decision. In light of this, it’s easy to understand why factory records of the period are less than precise.

What’s the top speed of a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport?

History then repeated itself in summer 2019 when Bugatti exceeded the threshold of 300 mph with the Chiron Super Sport 300+ 4, with the record-breaking vehicle hitting an incredible speed of 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h). This served as the basis for a few-off model of just 30 units featuring a similar design and color elements.