How do you get to the perplexing pool in Pikmin 2?

Guest answered: You must go to awakening woods then try to find the second half of the map. then you should unlock perplex pool.

How do you drain a perplexing pool?

You can’t drain that water. Instead, you should take about 50 Blue Pikmin in because while down there you will encounter Bulbmin, which will become crucial to the survival of your Blue Pikmin since the Bulbmin are immune to fire, water, electricity, and poison.

Where to find Yellow Pikmin Pikmin2?


  • In Pikmin, yellow Pikmin are discovered in The Forest of Hope inside an inactive Yellow Onion.
  • In Pikmin 2, one can find these pointy-eared Pikmin in the Perplexing Pool at the end of a long and twisted path sitting atop a tree.

How to get the Blue Pikmin in Pikmin2?

Blue Pikmin are found in the Awakening Wood. They are located near the White Flower Garden behind an Electric Gate, which must be taken down by Yellow Pikmin. Once the fence is taken down, you can call 5 Blue Pikmin, and use five 1 pellets, one 5 pellet, and 3 Wogpoles to populate them from the get-go.

Where is the submerged castle?

Perplexing Pool
The Submerged Castle (水中の城 ?, lit.: “Castle in the Water”) is a cave located in the far corner of the Perplexing Pool. As its name implies, it is underwater, so only Blue Pikmin are capable of entering the cave.

How do you beat Beady Long Legs?

Beady Long Legs (ダマグモ damagumo) is an enemy in the first two Pikmin games. The only way it can harm Pikmin is by stomping around, which it does more quickly when damaged and its multiple feet crush any Pikmin they land on. To defeat it, one must throw Pikmin at its orb-like torso.

How do you get Bulbmin in Pikmin 2?

They can be dealt with similarly by using sprays or Purple Pikmin. Bulbmin are rare, appearing only in 3 caves in the game: the Frontier Cavern, the Hole of Heroes, and the Submerged Castle.

How do you get yellow in Pikmin 1?

In Pikmin, a single Yellow Pikmin can be found in The Forest of Hope inside a dormant Yellow Onion. The Onion is located near a few Spotty Bulborbs and yellow pellets.

How do you throw a Pikmin higher?

Throwing Pikmin higher: If Yellow Pikmin are thrown from a plant or on top of a piece of chiyogami, they will go higher than normal. Yellow Pikmin can also be thrown higher thanks to fire geysers, corpses and treasures.

Can Blue Pikmin swim?

In Pikmin 3, Blue Pikmin were given the ability to swim, allowing them freedom to move up and down, such as when chasing aquatic enemies. Olimar and the Blue Pikmin can swim in water in this game, and the Pikmin will follow Olimar around and come back when thrown underwater.

Can Blue Pikmin save drowning Pikmin?

In the first two games, the Blue Pikmin behave almost the same in water as they do on land. If they are idle and see a nearby Pikmin drowning in water, they will quickly run to them, pick them up, and throw them to shore. However, they will not rescue Pikmin if they are too far away, so they can’t always be relied on.

How many Bulbmins are in a submerged castle?

40 Bulbmin
To get all 40 Bulbmin, it’s best to bring a maximum of 60 Pikmin. The worst, however, is yet to come, for the boss appears on every level, making it crucial that you complete the cave’s sublevels quickly. Even more frustrating, there are three treasures on each sublevel, and the sublevels are very large.

How many treasures are in the perplexing pool?

The level contains four caves, seven treasures, and a variety of beasts, many of them spending a lot of time in water. The Perplexing Pool is considered a representation of Summer. There are × 560 worth of treasure in the US version and × 520 in the European version.

How big is the perplexing pool in Pikmin?

The Perplexing Pool is considered a representation of Summer. There are × 560 worth of treasure in the US version and × 520 in the European version. The area is noted to bear a number of striking resemblances to The Distant Spring in the first game, for which reason it can be confidently considered to be the same area of the Pikmin planet.

What can I do with a treasure pool?

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What was the original name of the perplexing pool?

The Perplexing Pool was originally going to be called “The Perplexing Spring”. While walking through the area, translucent cicada and min-min cicada calls can be heard. In the evening, they are replaced with evening cicadas.